Viking punter’s criticism doesn’t sway officials

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McClatchy Tribune
Monday, December 20, 2010
— Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe might have an issue with the playing surface at the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium, but it won’t keep the Bears and Vikings from meeting there tonight.

After the team’s walk-through Sunday, Kluwe criticized the field on his Twitter account, calling it “unplayable.”

“The field is as hard as concrete an hour and a half after they took the tarp off, and anyone that hits their head is getting a concussion,” Kluwe Tweeted.

NFL officials didn’t seem to have a problem with the surface.

“Our information from the groundskeepers there is that the field is in good shape,” league spokesman Greg Aiello said on Sunday.

Minnesota associate athletic director Scott Ellison reiterated that maintenance crews have taken every measure to get the stadium ready after the Metrodome roof collapsed. The stadium does not have heating coils built in because the college season usually ends before it gets too cold.

Snow is in the forecast for today, so workers might have to clear the field constantly before the 7:30 kickoff.

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier seemed to have no issue with the field after the walk-through.

“It’s going to be great for our players, great for our fans,” Frazier said. “First time having an outdoor game here in 29 years for the Vikings. I think our players will embrace that as the game goes on; they’ll be into it.”

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