Halt hunger at the holidays

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010
— It's difficult to not overeat during the holidays, but as a compulsive eater, Linda Lou has developed strategies to stay strong.

"Walking into a room full of food for a compulsive eater is like an alcoholic walking into a bar and craving alcohol," she said.

"It's your best friend when you don't want to think about things."

Lou of Janesville is a member of Overeaters Anonymous. She shared these tips that anybody can use to resist holiday culinary temptations:

-- Use a smaller plate and fill it only once.

-- Don't bake sweets. It's too easy to eat them while baking.

-- Brush your teeth after every meal. Brushing takes away the food taste and helps curb food cravings.

-- Eat a good breakfast. Yogurt or some kind of dairy, a cup of Wheaties and a banana will keep you full for five to six hours.

-- Snack on fruit or dairy products in small quantities. They don't have as many calories as cookies.

-- Attend an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. It's important to have support.

-- Visit helpful websites. There's a lot of information online about nutritional values.

-- Take your own food to a social gathering. That way you'll be sure there is something you're able to eat without feeling guilty.

-- Know how to respond. If someone tells you it's OK to eat something you know isn't good for you, simply respond by saying that you're not hungry.

"If you say you're an alcoholic, most people aren't going to offer you a drink," Lou said. "But if you say you're a compulsive overeater, they think, ‘Oh, you can have this and that and it won't hurt you.'

"That's when you should just push yourself away from the table. Normal eaters can do that, but that's the difference between a normal eater and the compulsive eater," she said.


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