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Local nonprofit groups list Christmas needs

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Monday, November 29, 2010
— American flags.

Puffs Ultra unscented facial tissue.

Cereal, crackers, bus tokens, stamps, toilet paper, garden gloves, classroom space, road-kill deer, legal paper, Tracfones, warm socks.

Oh, and peace on Earth and good will to all men.

Those are just a few of the items on the Christmas lists of local nonprofit agencies.

The tissues are for the baby birds at Fellow Mortals Sanctuary in Lake Geneva. Janesville's Literacy Council could really use classroom space, and Tracfones will help homeless men find jobs and housing.

The road-kill deer?

It's awkward, but that's what the big cats at the Valley of the Kings like to eat. It's meat in its most natural form, explained sanctuary staff.

If you don't have the stomach to donate deer, the Valley of the Kings also needs clean blankets, canned and dry dog food and paper towels.

All nonprofits are looking for support in the form of volunteers and members. If you don't have time to shop or volunteer, a check in the mail is always appreciated.

Finally, don't let the season's craziness distract you from what's important.

Bob Engstrom of Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter No. 236, said one of the top items on his Christmas wish list was "prayers for our men and women who are in the armed forces."

The Rev. Michael Jackson of New Life Assembly of God started his list with these four items:

-- Peace on Earth and goodwill toward all men.

-- More love and less hate.

-- More peace and less turmoil.

-- More justice and less injustice.

Parker Closet

Provides clothes, personal items and school supplies for students living in poverty.

Drop off: Parker High School, 3125 Mineral Point Ave., Janesville. Contact Deri Wahlert, (608) 743-5804 or

Needs: Bus tokens; men's deodorant; socks; underwear/boxers; large, extra-large and extra-extra-large colored Hanes T-shirts; shampoo.

The Gathering Place Senior Center

Drop off: 715 Campus St., Milton, (608) 868-3500.

Needs: Digital camera and wireless sound system.

YWCA women's shelter

Drop off: YWCA Rock County, 1735 S. Washington St., Janesville. Contact (608) 752-5445, Ext. 200.

Needs: Size 2 or larger diapers, feminine hygiene products, shampoo, dishwashing liquid and pillows.

The Alzheimer's Support Center of Rock County

Drop off: 20 S. Main St., Janesville, (608) 314-8500.

Needs: Gift cards for office supply and grocery stores, Forever postage stamps, 8 ˝- by-11-inch colored or white photocopier paper, cooler with wheels, 6-foot white plastic folding table.

GIFTS Men's Homeless Shelter

Drop off: M&I Bank, 100 N. Main St., Janesville. Contact Paul Benish at (608) 751-7848.

Needs: Tracfones, 60-minute prepaid cards for Tracfones, $20 prepaid gasoline cards, new warm socks and underwear.

ECHO church-supported social service agency

Drop off: 65 S. High St., Janesville, (608) 754-5333.

Wish list: Christmas toys, peanut butter, jelly, breakfast cereal, canned meats, soups and fruit, bus tokens for JTS, $20 gas cards.

Spirit Horse Equine Rescue

Drop off: Call (608) 774-2526 or e-mail

Needs: Bags of Nutrena Senior Feed or Nutrena Prime 12 feed, 25-pound salt blocks, muck buckets, soft rope halters, horse-sized rubber feed pans.

Milton Community Action Food Pantry

Drop off: 36 Hilltop Drive, Milton. Call for hours, (608) 868-6105 or (608) 868-1166.

Wish list: Cereal, crackers, personal hygiene items, laundry, household cleaning products.

Rotary Botanical Gardens

Drop off: 1455 Palmer Drive, Janesville, (608) 754-1779.

Needs: New riding mower, golf cart with automatic dump box, new computer for plant records system, 10 garden shears, 20 Japanese hand hoes, 200 pairs of gardening gloves for volunteers.

Rock County Humane Society

Drop off: 222 S. Arch St., Janesville, (608) 752-5622.

Needs: Bleach, paper towels, shoeboxes, unscented and non-clumping clay litter, all sizes of fleece beds, KONG toys.

New Life Assembly of God food pantry, Saturday lunch and youth outreach

Drop off: 2416 N. Wright Road, Janesville. Contact (608) 756-4175.

Needs: Items for food pantry; Christmas gifts for kids; peanut butter and jelly, hotdogs, cheese, cookies and ketchup for Saturday lunches.

The Literacy Connection

Drop off: 205 N. Main St., Suite 102, Janesville, (608) 756-3125.

Needs: Wall-mounted dry erase boards, laptops, new classroom instruction space.

Janesville School District outreach to homeless students

Drop off: Educational Services Center, 527 S. Franklin St., Janesville. Contact Ann Forbeck (608) 751-7779 or e-mail

Needs: Bus tokens for homeless students.

Janesville Shade Tree Advisory Committee

Drop off: Contact Chairman Scott Schilling, (262) 365-8815.

Needs: Spade shovels, short bristle utility brooms, gator bags, tree stakes, tree staking straps, donated trees.

Wilson Community Garden garden plots for neighborhood residents

Drop off: Contact Ann Marie Ames at

Needs: A tool chest for garden supplies, tomato cages, starts of woodland native plants in June, a volunteer consultant to help engineer a rainwater collection system.

UW-Rock County student services

Drop off: Students Services, 2909 Kellogg Ave., Janesville. Contact Marylee Kishel at (608) 758-6565 Ext. 280.

Needs: Gift cards, toys, books, games or winter wear—all to help cash-strapped adult students provide a holiday for their children.

Love INC church-supported social services agency

Drop off: Contact (608) 531-1880 or e-mail:

Needs: Toilet paper, diapers size 3-6, all-purpose cleaners, toilet bowel cleaner. feminine hygiene products.

Friends of Noah all-breeds rescue group

Drop off: Dawg Zone, 4030 Commercial Drive, Janesville. Contact (608) 774-3402 or go to

Needs: Dog food, office supply store gift cards, gas cards, a used 5-by-8-foot enclosed trailer to be pulled behind a van.

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter No. 236 of Janesville

Contact: Bob Engstrom, (608) 754-2705 or

Needs: Donations to buy American flags for city streets.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Rock County advocacy services for children in the child welfare system

Drop off: CASA, Rock County Courthouse, 51 South Main St. Contact (608) 305-0187.

Needs: Gifts and gas cards, socks, pajamas, diapers and underwear, Forever stamps and 61-cent stamps.

HospiceCare Inc.

Drop off: 3001 W. Memorial Drive, Janesville. Contact: (608) 755-1871.

Needs: New teddy bears with tags attached.

Lakeland Animal Shelter

Drop off: 3551 Highway 67, Delavan, (262) 723-1000.

Needs: Bleach, dry cat and kitten food.

S.M.I.L.E.S. horsemanship for people with disabilities

Drop off: N2666 County K, Darien. Contact (262) 882-5661 or go to

Needs: Legal-size copy paper, stamps, saddle soap, stable forks, youth saddles, plastic silverware, barn brooms, Kleenex, paper towels, plates and bowls.

Mary's Room of Delavan for pregnant women and young families

Drop off: Contact Mary's Room at (262) 203-0993.

Needs: Gently used or new infant and children's clothes size 3T to size 5/6, baby blankets, diapers, gently used toys, baby shampoo, washcloths.

Community Cat, group dedicated to ending feline overpopulation

Drop off: Contact Community Cat at (608) 201-3241 or go to or

Needs: Gas cards; paper towels and plates; unscented clumping cat litter; live traps, raccoon-sized, even if broken and unfixable; trail camera for feral cat trap-neuter-return projects.

Valley of the Kings Sanctuary for abandoned, abused or retired exotic animals

Drop off: W7593 Townhall Road, Sharon. Contact (262) 736-9386 or e-mail

Needs: Clean blankets, raw chicken and turkey, canned/dry dog and cat food, paper towels and plates, bleach, vehicle-killed deer.

Badgerland Council of the Girl Scouts of America

Drop off: Contact (608) 237-1158 or (800) 236-2710, extension 1158.

Needs: Dark green outdoor paint, nonperishable snacks, softball equipment, laptop computers, digital cameras, flip cameras, camping equipment, hiking gear, arts and crafts supplies.

Fellow Mortals wildlife rehabilitation

Drop off: W4632 Palmer Road, Lake Geneva, (262) 248-5055.

Needs: Pedialyte, Ricelite or Infalyte, fruit flavored or plain; Puff Ultra unscented facial tissue; paper towels; mixed nuts in the shell; gift cards to Piggly Wiggly, Frank's County Market or Woodman's.

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