Dustin Sperb's sentencing delayed in Rock County Court

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Steve Benton
Thursday, October 28, 2010
— 22 year old Dustin Sperb's sentencing, in a sexual assault and aggravated battery case, is delayed until December 15th in Rock County Court.

Judge Richard Werner Thursday continued the case so he could learn more about a new Department of Corrections inmate rehabilitation program that aims at reducing recidivism. Werner is considering referring Sperb to the program in the sentence but needed more information first.

Sperb is accused of beating and sexually assaulting 48 year old Sandra Cole the summer of 2009. He didn't plead guilty to the charges but agreed that he would be found guilty if the matter were to go to trial. He remains in the Rock County Jail on a cash bond of $40,000 cash bond.

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