Janesville figure skaters excel

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Gazette staff
Tuesday, August 31, 2010
— Janesville Figure Skating Club members made their mark in events in Rockford, Ill., Milwaukee and De Pere this summer.

Lyn-le Wien earned five first-places, a third and a fourth. Liesl Yerke earned five firsts, a second and a third place overall to lead nine club members.

At Rockford in June, at the Carlson Ice Arena, Wien was first in preliminary test track and pre-preliminary artistic. Yerke was first in no test compulsory and no test WB freeskate.

At Milwaukee in July at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, Wien was third in pre-preliminary freeskate and fourth in the pre-preliminary artistic. Yerke was first in no test compulsory and no test freeskate.

At Green Bay in August, Wien was first in the pre-preliminary spins, pre-preliminary restricted freeskate and first in the entertainment pre-preliminary artistic. Yerke was first no test compulsory and no test freeskate.

Janesville Figure Skating Club results:


At Carlson Ice Arena

Amy Bessel—Third: Limited beginner compulsory. Limited beginner fresestyle.

Morgan Exner—Second: Pre-preliminary compulsory. Fourth: Pre-preliminary freeskate.

Isabelle Gerzenshtein—Second: Basic 8 compulsory. Third: Basic 8 freeskate.

Samantha Kaveggia—First: Pre-preliminary compulsory. Second: Pre-preliminary well balanced freeskate.

Cassie Patrick—Fifth: No test compulsory. Seventh: No test WB freestkate.

Lexandra Verdone—Third: Basic 8 compulsory. Third: Beginner test track freeskate.

Sophia Vitaioli—Fourth: Basic 8 complusory. First: Pre-preliminary artistic.

Lyn-Le Wien—First: Preliminary test track, pre-preliminary artistic.

Liesl Yerke—First: No test compulsory. No test WB freeskate.


At Kern Center

Milwaukee School of Engineering

Morgan Exner—Sixth: pre-preliminary freestkate. Fifth: Pre-preliminary compulsory.

Beth Kaveggia—First: Pre-preliminary compulsory. Second: Pre preliminary freeskate.

Samanatha Kaveggia—Fourth: Pre preliminary freeskate. Second: Pre-preliminary compulsory.

Lyn-Le Wien—First: Pre-preliminary spins, pre-preliminary restricted freeskate, entertainment pre-preliminary.

Liesl Yerke—First: No test compulsory. First: No test freeskate.


At Cornerstone Community Ice Center

Morgan Exner—Fourth: Pre-preliminary compulsory, First: Beginner/pre-preliminary jumps. Fourth: Pre-preliminary spins. Second: Pre-preliminary freeskate.

Isabelle Gerzenshtein—Third: Beginner compulsory. Second: Limited beginner test freeskate.

Beth Kaveggia—Third: Pre-preliminary compulsory. Second: Pre-preliminary spins. First: Pre-preliminary freeskate.

Meghan Quinn—First: Beginner compulsory, Beginner test freeskate.

Lexandra Verdone—Fifth: Pre-preliminary spins. Sixth: Pre-preliminary test freeskate.

Sophia Vitaioli—First: Beginner compulsory, Limited beginner test freeskate.

Lyn-Le Wien—First: Pre-preliminary spins, Pre-preliminary restricted freeskate, Entertainment pre-preliminary artistic.

Liesl Yerke—Second: Pre-preliminary restricted compulsory. Third: Pre-preliminary spins. First: Pre-preliminary restricted freeskate.

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