Behm tees off on long-range plan

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Gazette Staff
Thursday, July 22, 2010
— Matt Behm is on a mission.

The three-time and defending Men’s City Golf Tournament champion has his sights set on Jan Hoffman.

Hoffman won a record nine City titles, the last coming in 1975. Behm has won three of the last seven titles heading into Friday’s first round of the 61st annual tournament.

Round one is scheduled for Riverside Golf Course, followed by Saturday’s second round at Glen Erin Golf Club and Sunday’s final 18-hole round at the Janesville Country Club.

Behm knows he has a long way to go to catch Hoffman, but he’s anxious to get started.

“Because I know Riverside so well, it’s always fun to start the tournament there,” Behm said. “Last year, I was even par at Riverside. This year, my goal is to come out and put up a 66 or 67. If I can do that, I should have the lead.

“But there are also a lot of other golfers in the Championship Flight that are capable of putting up low numbers at Riverside. Friday should be a lot of fun.”

Behm is one of seven former champions in this year’s field. Chris Pastore tops the list of former champions entered with seven titles, while Jeff Bruegger has five. Brad Bohlman has won the tournament three times, including a 2008 title. Bohlman did not play in last year’s tournament.

Steve Babcock has won City twice, while Sam Van Galder and Ryan Coffey have one title each.

If Friday turns into a ‘birdiefest’ at Riverside, Saturday’s second round at Glen Erin could be a test of nerves.

Glen Erin had the highest scores of the three venues in last year’s tournament. If balls find the fescue and the winds are whipping, shooting par will be a good score.

“Glen is the wild card in the city tournament,” Behm said. “It can really test you on birdie putts, and you have to avoid big numbers on the harder holes.”

If the last few years are any indication, there could be as many as 10 golfers within three or four shots of the lead on Sunday.

Behm hopes he’s one of them.

“The key at the Country Club is to keep the ball below the hole,” Behm said. “I like to just dink and dunk on that course and keep it between the trees.

“I played a great front nine last year at the Club and had a six-shot lead at the turn. I would love to be in the same position this year.”


At Riverside GC


Starting on Hole 1

7 a.m.—Ryan Coffey, Sam Van Galder, James Stubbendick

7:08 a.m.—Sean Halverson, Greg Ruef, Rich Fugate

7:16 a.m.—Steve Bysted, Michael Kletzien, Gilbert Enriquez

7:24 a.m.—Brad Bohlman, Aaron Coffey, Steve Babcock

7:32 a.m.—Jay Fox. Robert Kennedy, Bill Kennedy

7:40 a.m.—Bob Woodrum, Scott Schuett

7:48 a.m.—Steve Anderson, Brent Corey, Evan Diece

7:56 a.m.—Jake Hassinger, Brian Dunk, Mark Thomsen

8:04 a.m.—Al Herbst, Mike Johnson, John Zimmerman

8:12 a.m.—Jim Mead, Matt Kempfer, Curt Goodwick

8:20 a.m.—Efren Blanca, Eric Hoium

8:28 a.m.—Kevin Mickelson, Brian Garey, Dave Herr

8:36 a.m.—Jeff DeGarmo, Steve Thurner, Randy Krueger

8:44 a.m.—Ryan Hutchinson, Jim Crawford, Mike Mead

8:52 a.m.—Bob Compton, Jon Modenhauer, Tom Collins

11:30 a.m.—Thomas Vogt, Jose Perez, Steve Thompsom

11:38 a.m.—Richard Moore, Cliff Wakefield, Ryan Luebke

11:46 a.m.—Brad Schumacher, Nathan Punzel, Philip Konkol

11:54 a.m.—Michael Spiegler, Brian Thorson, Norman Bogdan

12:10 p.m.—Jim Hudson, Chad Fieders

12:18 p.m.—Andy Gregg, Matt Dewitt, Kris Mueller

12:26 p.m.—Pat Kelly, Lee Braim, Mike Berg

12:34 p.m.—George Pritchett, Keith Trembula, Tony Jacobson

12:42 p.m.—Paul Scheildt, Jeff Sheldon, Tom Fenton

Starting on Hole 10

7 a.m.—Chris Pastore, Jon Phillips

7:08 a.m.—Jeff Bruegger, Jacob Downing, Braddy Bohlman

7:16 a.m.—Ryne Clatworthy, Rob Ackerman, Jeff Farrell

7:24 a.m.—Charlie Roherty, King Clark, Taylor Johnson

7:32 a.m.—Matt Behm, Blair Schmeiser, Doug Sheridan

7:40 a.m.—Dave DeGarmo, Rick Berry

7:48 a.m.—Derek Cooper, Gary Polglaze, Mike Reid, Jr.

7:56 a.m.—Aaron Leeder, Gary Neumueller, Shannon Dooley

8:04 a.m.—Kevin Riley, Miguel Cepeda, Ethan Rau

8:20 a.m.—Ben DeWitt, Jason Leffel

8:28 a.m.—Greg Squire, Scott Schroeder, Gary Mark

8:36 a.m.—Brian Rogula, Greg Mullen, David Bitter

11:30 a.m.—Pete Clough, Paul Burkholder, Matthew J. Ruppe, Todd Sitter

11:38 a.m.—Tim Millis, Dave Langowski, Michael J. Reid II

11:46 a.m.—Jace Fenton, Ron Purnilla, Tom Noll

11:54 a.m.—Shawn Uschan, Dan Hermanson, Dean Hendrickson

12:10 p.m.—Greg Galvin, Tom Holevas

12:18 p.m.—Joe Siatter, Ken Creek, Dan Denman

12:26 p.m.—Mike Schoeder, Steve Weiss, Dennis Raabe

12:34 p.m.—Stephen Monroe, Loren Mathison, Jerry Shere

12:42 p.m.—Ned Moser, Terry Kletzien, Chad Sullivan

Men’s city champions

1950—Rockwell Collins; 1951—Mel Waggoner; 1952—Harold Kotwitz; 1953—Kenneth Kubitz; 1954—John Nolan; 1955—John Nolan; 1956—Harold Kotwitz; 1957—Lyle Gifford; 1958—Harold Kotwitz; 1959—Harold Kotwitz.

1960—Harold Kotwitz; 1961—Jan Hoffman; 1962—Jan Hoffman; 1963—Jan Hoffman; 1964—Jan Hoffman; 1965—Jan Hoffman; 1966—Lyle Gifford; 1967—Jan Hoffman; 1968—Jan Hoffman; 1969—Dan Nitz.

1970—Jan Hoffman; 1971—Mike Medrow; 1972—Lyle Gifford; 1973—Gregg Clatworthy; 1974—Harold Kotwitz; 1975—Jan Hoffman; 1976—Steve Babcock; 1977—Gregg Clatworthy; 1978—Gregg Clatworthy; 1979—Gregg Clatworthy.

1980—Jeff Riley; 1981—Steve Babcock; 1982—Gregg Clatworthy; 1983—Gregg Clatworthy; 1984—Gregg Clatworthy; 1985—Chris Pastore; 1986—Jeff Bruegger; 1987—Jeff Bruegger; 1988—Jeff Bruegger; 1989—Mike Sipe.

1990—Mike Sipe; 1991—Mike Sipe; 1992—Chris Pastore; 1993—Jeff Bruegger; 1994—Jeff Bruegger; 1995—Chris Pastore; 1996—Chris Pastore; 1997—Brent Kern; 1998—Chris Pastore; 1999—Brad Bohlman; 2000—Chris Pastore; 2001—Brad Bohlman; 2002—Ryan Coffey 2003—Matt Behm. 2004—Chris Pastore. 2005—Travis Marting. 2006—Matt Behm. 2007—Sam Van Galder. 2008—Brad Bohlman. 2009—Matt Behm.

Leading winners

-- Jan Hoffman (9 titles)—1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1975.

-- Gregg Clatworthy (7 titles)—1973, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1982, 1983, 1984.

-- Chris Pastore (7 titles)—1985, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2004.

-- Harold Kotwitz (6 titles)—1952, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1974.

-- Jeff Bruegger (5 titles)—1986, 1987, 1988, 1993, 1994.

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