Sound Off for Sunday, June 1, 2014

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

On Milton bypass: Why wasn’t there a Business 26 put in? The surrounding areas, such as Whitewater, Fort Atkinson and numerous other cities, do not cut off their downtown areas. Driving through Milton is like going through a ghost town. No wonder businesses are hurting.

-- I find it amazing that now residents of Milton have an issue with the bypass (Page 1A, Wednesday). What did the city expect? All of the elected officials, the hired consultants and the DOT had their heads where there is very little light.

-- There is another concern. Town Line Road between Highway 26 and Highway 51 has become a major access road to get to 26 and get on 26 all the way from Highway 51. The towns of Milton, Janesville, Fulton and Harmony all have to maintain another road. Maybe Rock County should make this a county road instead of Highway M.

On 15th Senate District race: As a veteran, it was great to see Mike Sheridan at the VetsRoll homecoming and at the Memorial Day weekend. I know he appreciates our veterans.

-- Mike Sheridan, you’re no Tim Cullen. I can’t believe you’re ready to embarrass the UAW, the city of Janesville and all of Rock County all over again. If you get more than 1,000 votes, I just don’t know what has become of us.

-- Stop crucifying Sheridan for his past. We all have made mistakes. I would pick him any day of the week over Austin Scieszinski or Janis Ringhand. He has proven he is an effective leader, and we need him back in Madison. Vote Sheridan for Senate.

-- I don’t agree with Sen. Tim Cullen’s judgment. Cullen lost his way when he went to work for Tommy Thompson, and then he made millions in the insurance industry. Shame on you, Tim Cullen, for using this 24-year-old (Scieszinski) as a pawn.

On Medicaid: I’m calling regarding Page 6B Tuesday, “Medicaid surge triggers concerns for states.” If anybody is the least bit surprised that Obamacare, passed 100 percent by Democrats, is resulting in more freeloaders and redistribution of other people’s money, you simply are not paying attention.

On city of Milton: Regarding the police department and City Hall, why did they put asphalt shingles on it instead of steel, something that will last longer with less maintenance for taxpayers? By the time they get it paid for, they’re going to have to put new shingles on again.

On poverty: Janesville should rename itself Povertyville because it doesn’t seem they have any money to fix roads, bridges or anything else. Actually, the whole state could be called that.

On City of Parks: What a beautiful Memorial weekend. Too bad the city parks weren’t a little nicer taken care of. The dandelion problem is getting out of hand. It would be nice to see a nice, clean park in the City of Parks.

On pot: We don’t have enough problems with alcohol in this state. Now the Democrats want to add marijuana to the mix. How many more lives will be lost?

On Marshall Apartments: Janesville forgave two loans for Stone House Management (Page 2A, Wednesday). Most in this building are low income. We’re behind in utilities from last winter. Screens that don’t fit properly, hence we have to run central air, which is not working very well. When we had a lead problem, the city and Stone House did nothing for us.

On John Doe: The prosecutors have been humiliated three times in a row in court, face investigation themselves and may be held personally accountable for legal fees. Walker’s team is concerned that the evidence they’ve gathered will be dumped to the media before the election to hurt Walker politically. That is what this entire investigation has been about.

 On fire station petition: Regarding Page 1A Wednesday, I agree 100 percent with Mr. McCoy. We need a lot of street repairs done in Janesville.

-- I am working and do not have the time to start a recall petition. I hope and trust there may be someone out here in Janesville who will start a recall petition for five members of the city council.

On CIA agent: During the Bush administration, CIA analyst Valerie Plame was outed. The media went berserk, a special prosecutor was assigned, and Scooter Libby went to prison despite the fact he had nothing to do with it. Now someone in the Obama administration outed a real agent, someone truly at risk. Where’s the media outrage? Where’s the prosecutor?

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