Janesville boys sprint relays qualify for state

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Eric Schmoldt
Friday, May 30, 2014

JANESVILLE—Javen Murry knows how to bounce back.

A dropped baton cost the Janesville Craig High junior and his boys track and field teammates in their first relay. But Murry responded by running a dominant third leg of the winning 400-meter relay team and also qualified for the WIAA state meet by finishing third in the 200 meters.

Murry and the Cougars finished second as a team at the Division 1 Janesville Parker Sectional at Monterey Stadium on Friday. The Craig boys team will be represented by six individuals or relays at state.

The Janesville Parker girls and boys will each send four to state, while the Janesville Craig girls will send three.

“I just didn't want to drop the baton again because I did in the 4x200,” Murry said. “I wanted to win since we didn't get a chance to in the 4x100.

“We really wanted to go to state, and everyone was counting on me because I usually get the lead in the third leg.”

There was little time to spend dwelling on the disqualification in the 800 relay. The Cougars were back in the 400 just two events later.

Dan Ouimet, Tom Gabower, Murry and Trevahn Hall combined to turn in a blistering time of 43.15 seconds.

“When I gave (Hall) the baton, I looked over and the other teams were still in their handoffs,” Murry said. “It just feels great, because we didn't do so good last year, and this year we have a chance to place at state.”

Craig had another sectional champion in junior Ian Reinicke, who surpassed 45 feet in the triple jump.

Murry wasn't the only one looking for atonement.

Janesville Parker senior Paul Jacobson scratched all three times in his best event, the shot put, in downpour conditions at regionals earlier this week and had to turn his attention to discus.

Jacobson responded with a personal record at sectionals, throwing 144 feet, 4 inches.

He and teammate T.J. Steinke took the top two spots.

“With this being my last year and all, I kind of used that as fuel for discus,” Jacobson said. “It was just mental preparation, not psyching myself out and getting ready.”

Parker also won the sectional championship in the 800-meter relay, as Jovanni Sanchez, Sandy Toyer, Mitch Treinen and D.J. Vance teamed up to finish in 1:30.01.

“We thought that was going to be our best relay all year,” Parker boys coach Dick Schuh said. “But for some reason we just weren't able to put it all together until today.”

On the girls side, Craig senior Alli Calkins seems to be saving her best effort for last.

She qualified for her third trip to the state meet by posting a season-best leap in the triple jump, 35-7.75.

“I think I was just jacked because it's senior year and it's now or never,” Calkins said. “I wasn't about to have it end today. That wasn't happening.”

The Parker girls boast a pair of two-event qualifiers.

Sophomore Bree Porter qualified in both the 100- and 300-meter hurdles.

Senior Brecklyn Skaleski qualified for her first trip to state in both the long jump and triple jump.

“I was really nervous for today,” Skaleski said. “But the weather warmed me up. (I relaxed) after long jump because I just wanted to make it in one (event), but making it in two is really awesome.”

The state meet begins Friday at UW-La Crosse.

Parker Sectional

Top three individuals advance to state meet



Kenosha Tremper 96, Stoughton 90, Verona 60.5, Oregon 59, Westosha Central 46.5, Kenosha Bradford 46, Beloit 45, Badger 43, Janesville Parker 38, Jaensville Craig 33, Fort Atkinson 33, Burlington 25, Wilmot 23, Kenosha Indian Trail 21, Waterford 15, Elkhorn 15, Milton 8.


100—Danielle Riggins (KT), 11.79; Jackie Baldwin (KB), 12.09; Jaliyah Elliott (BM), 12.42.

200—Danielle Riggins (KT), 24.02; Jackie Baldwin (KB), 24.97; Mady Marko (KB), 26.20.

400—Alyson Weum (Sto), 58.26; Maddie LeBrun (Ore), 59.95; Sydney Rau (WC), 1:00.80.

800—Valerie Jones (Ore), 2:19.05; Nikki Staffen (Sto), 2:20.64; Hanna Reed (FA), 2:23.45.

1600—Aleena Villani (KT), 5:20.4; Abby Bleil (KT), 5:20.76; Valerie Jones (Ore), 5:23.29.

3200—Aleena Villani (KT), 11:52.34; Abby Bleil (KT), 11:53.06; Melissa Capra (WC), 12:00.27.

100 hurdles—Danielle Riggins, (KT), 13.89; ToNaya Gulley (KT), 14.28; Bree Porter (JP), 15.84.

300 hurdles—ToNaya Gulley (KT), 45.61; Hannah Sonsalla (Sto), 45.80; Bree Porter (JP), 47.23.

400 relay—Beloit, 49.67; Craig, 50.23; Bradford, 50.25.

800 relay—Bradford, 1:43.71; Beloit, 1:44.51; Verona, 1:45.78.

1600 relay—Stoughton, 4:02.93; Oregon, 4:05.03; Verona, 4:07.34.

3200 relay—Stoughton, 9:49.27; Westosha, 10:01.59; Kenosha Indian Trail, 10:06.61.

High jump—Anna Adamiec (KIT), 5-3; Sydney Collins (Bad), 5-2; Lexy Richardson (Ver), 5-2.

Long jump—Megan Wadsworth (Bad), 17-5.5; Brecklyn Skaleski (JP), 16-8.25; Haylee Martin (Wil), 16-6.25.

Triple jump—Alli Calkins (JC), 35-7.75; Haylee Martin (Wil), 35-7.25; Brecklyn Skaleski (JP), 34-4.25.

Shot put—Lacey Cousins (BM), 37-2; Alexus Crockett (Sto), 36-8.5; Jessie Larson (JC), 34-6.5.

Discus—Katie Boehnen (Ore), 113-5; Brianna Jordahl (Mil), 112-4; Olivia Simmons (WC), 110-6.

Pole vault—Nicole Zimbrick (Ver), 10-3; Hannah Posick (Sto), 10-0; Brittany Ehlen (Bur), 10-0.



Verona 82, Janesville Craig 65, Kenosha Indian Trail 57, Fort Atkinson 52, Oregon 52, Badger 50, Janesville Parker 42, Westosha Central 42, Beloit 40, Stoughton 37, Wilmot 37, Kenosha Bradford 29, Kenosha Tremper 28, Waterford 24, Burlington 19, Milton 16, Elkhorn 14, Delavan-Darien 3.


100—James Nachtigal (FA), 11.23; Travonne Batista (BM), 11.30; Trevahn Hall (JC), 11.31.

200—James Nachtigal (FA), 22.63; Travonne Batista (BM), 22.69; Javen Murry (JC), 22.89.

400—Elijah Garcia (KIT), 49.88; Luke Logan (Sto), 50.38; Dane Rasmussen (KB), 50.79.

800—Trent Rudebeck (Wat), 1:58.06; Mitchell Maegaard (KT), 1:58.89; Chris Cutter (Ore), 2:00.41.

1600—Mitchell Maegaard (KT), 4:26.06; Alex Martinez (Bad), 4:28.11; Evan Lalor (JC), 4:40.44.

3200—Ryan Nameth (Ver), 9:40.36; Brady Traeder (Ver), 9:47.29; Jacob Hebior (WC), 9:48.74.

110 hurdles—Jose Guitterez (BM), 15.52; Collin Weberpal (Mil), 15.54; John Hermus (Ore), 15.56.

300 hurdles—Michael Kurzer (WC), 39.52; Jose Guiterrez (BM), 40.15; Jordan Mason (Bad), 40.27.

400 relay—Craig (Dan Ouimet, Tom Gabower, Javen Murry, Trevahn Hall), 43.15; Oregon, 43.71; Milton, 43.72.

800 relay—Parker (Jovanni Sanchez, Sandy Toyer, Mitch Treinen, D.J. Vance), 1:30.01; Verona, 1:30.45; Oregon, 1:30.78.

1600 relay—Stoughton, 3:27.31; Badger, 3:27.72; Parker, 3:27.84.

3200 relay—Verona, 8:03.77; Craig, 8:06.34; Badger, 8:06.34.

High jump—Austin Haag (Wil), 6-2; Steven Queoff (Ver), 6-2; Riley Potter(Wil), 6-0.

Long jump—James Nachtigal (FA), 22-4; Mike Roach (KIT), 21-4; Josh Sromovsky (Ore), 21-1.25.

Triple jump—Ian Reinicke (JC), 45-0.75; Alex Kerpan (KIT), 42-8.5; Arian riffin (KIT), 42-7.5.

Shot put—Steve Melotik (KB), 49-6; Steve Stukas (Elk), 47-6.5; Evan Gibson (Bad), 47-0.5.

Discus—Paul Jacobson (JP), 144-4; T.J. Steinke (JP), 141-9; Glenn Karsten (WC), 141-2.

Pole vault—Luke Logan (Sto), 13-0; John Hermus (Ore), 12-3; Lucas Shenkenberg (Bur), 12-0.

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