Work progressing on Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport

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Nick Crow
Sunday, May 18, 2014

JANESVILLE—What it is: By December 2014, the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport will feature a new conference room in the upstairs of the facility, compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, an improved dining area, increased seating and a renovated parking lot, Airport Director Ron Burdick said. About 57,000 flights a year go in and out of the airport at 4004 S. Oakhill Ave., Janesville, he said. Burdick wants the airport to showcase the area, he said.

"It's a big improvement over the old building," Burdick said.

What's the progress: A harsh winter slowed work on project two, which is an addition to the kitchen area and the revamping of the exterior. In spite of that, work is ahead of schedule, Burdick said. He anticipates work on project two to be completed by the end of May. Project three, which will be the revamp of the inside area and demolition of the old restaurant area, will begin in early June. Parking lot improvements will be made this fall, Burdick said.

"The way the winter was, it was slow going on the outside projects," Burdick said.

Project one was exterior work and demolition and rebuilding on the west side of the terminal. It was completed in 2013. Burdick said what was originally supposed to be a four-year project became a three-year plan due to increased participation by the state.

Project three will cost just over $1 million, Burdick said. The whole project is estimated to cost about $3.7 million. Rock County and the state are sharing costs for the terminal revamp. Burdick said the project's completion has sped up because the state increased its funding from $500,000 to $1.2 million.

"Budget is on target, and the construction is now a year ahead of schedule," Burdick said.

Howard Immel Inc. of Green Bay will be the construction crew on project three, Burdick said.

Completion Date: All construction will be done by December 2014 or January 2015, Burdick said. Work on the interior should stay on schedule because the weather won't affect its completion, he said.

For more information: Visit the airport's website at http://www.jvlairport.com/NewsUpdates/CapitalImprovementPlans.aspx.

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