Sound Off for Wednesday, May 14: Sell parks to afford landfill

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

On execution: I was wondering what the big deal is about the Lockett execution in May 7 paper. He deserved everything he got. Think about how much his victim suffered, shot and buried alive.

On Watson: I'm calling about the recent radio show and follow up newspaper article with Bill Watson and now the GM plant. In the Milton paper, he did a guest column, and he said he worked as a photographer for The Gazette during high school. I was curious if that is why he gets airtime and newspaper time without much back checking.

--On WCLO, Watson stated that Milton Mayor Frazier came to him about the interchange. Yet paperwork, news articles and council minutes state that Frazier said Watson came to the city. I just wish one of them would step up and admit they're not telling the truth.

On landfill: What the people of Janesville need to do is elect more liberal Democrats. Then you'll have roundabouts and bike trails as far as the eye can see, but you won't have anything you actually need, like a dump. I have a better idea. Why don't we close the sewer system, too? This is one of the most foolish things I've ever heard. How about we sell a couple parks, subdivide them, put houses on them and have those people pay taxes so we can afford a dump?

On Hillary Clinton: Hillary Clinton has decided it was an act of terrorism when over 200 Nigerian girls were kidnapped. What makes her so sure it wasn't because of some video?

On Senate candidates: Austin Scieszinski sounds better every day. First, I hear him on the radio. Then, he knocks on my door. This guy is the real deal, and now Sen. Cullen endorsed him. This guy's got my vote. That's for sure.

--Sen. Cullen's endorsement says as much about Ringhand and Sheridan as it does about Austin Scieszinski.

--I want to thank Cullen for picking such a young person. We need a change in the district. Don't let Sheridan fool us again. We need young people's perspective.

On voter ID: Judge Adelman's ruling basically states that blacks and other minorities are too inferior and incompetent to complete the most miniscule of tasks obtaining a free ID.  Apparently, white people are capable, though. Truth is, this is about stealing elections, and it's high time that the people stood up and had enough of this idiocy. Their arguments are so weak, they're laughable.

--Judge Adelman in striking down our Voter ID law claims it's unconstitutional to ask a black person for an ID in order to vote. Wouldn't it follow then that it's also unconstitutional to ask a black person or any person of color or a minority for an ID to buy a gun, especially since that right is enumerated in the original Bill of Rights Second Amendment.

On Koch brothers: Unless you have been living in a cave, you've heard Democrats complain how the Koch brothers are influencing politics with their money. Look at the facts. In the last 25 years, the Koch brothers have given $18 million to conservative Republicans. In that same 25 years, labor unions have given over $650 million to liberal Democrats. So whose big money is unduly influencing politics?  

On drunken driving: An article May 6 reported that Wisconsin remains the only state where a first time drunken driving offense doesn't even rate a misdemeanor crime. Instead, it's a simple traffic ticket. In fact, a $150 to $300 fine is imposed and driver's license lost for six to nine months and a likely increase in your insurance. This is not a trivial punishment as indicated.

On city priorities: As I drive down North Randall Avenue, I  think to myself that I'm so happy that we have a Taj Mahal bus garage and then we're going to have a brand new fire station, but our roads are pathetic. It's a want and need thing, and I think that the city council has their priorities messed up, except Matt Kealy.

--I just drove by the Taj Mahal on Parker Drive commonly called the bus garage. It's huge, and if the new fire station is going to be as huge as that is, we're going to get an award for being the hugest civil properties in the state of Wisconsin.

On tragedies: Regarding The Gazette's recent editorial on the recent state of tragedies in Janesville and Rock County, about 95 percent of these events can be explained in just one word: drugs.

On Bears draft: The Chicago Bears had a chance to pick up two good quarterbacks, but they passed on both of them, so I guess they're happy to keep losing with Jay Cutler. As long as they keep Cutler, they have an excuse why they keep losing.

On fire station: What are the possibilities of the city looking at the old youth baseball field near Mt. Zion and Milton Avenue for a firehouse location. Available?

On dogs in park: I wish there was some sort of control on the amount of dogs at Palmer Park. There's no enforcement of the law or the signage, and it's not fair to other people. Others don't respect the law and bring their dogs to the park anyway.

On judges: The purpose of the May 12 article is to convince you that both judges' rulings were political. Judge Randa ruled that the John Doe investigation was a witch-hunt aimed at one side that violated people's constitutional rights. Adelman ruled that a law passed by the Legislature, signed by the governor and supported by the majority is somehow unconstitutional despite the fact that the US Supreme Court has upheld nearly the exact same law in multiple states. Only one of these rulings was political, and it wasn't Randa's.

On Benghazi:  Investigators want to find out why security was taken away when more was requested, why we were still in Benghazi when all of our allies had left, why no military help was sent to our people while they fought for their lives for eight hours, where the president was for those eight hours and why was a lie concocted and disseminated in the aftermath. That's a short list, but apparently the media doesn't think the American people need to know the answers.

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