Sound Off for Sunday, May 11, 2014

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

On Janesville School District: I've never observed a district that pulls so many educators so often for so many meetings or other reasons. The Journey to Excellence needs teachers left to teach their students. Ask your children how many subs they have. I hope the board asks questions.

-- Proficiency in math and reading among U.S. students is terrible, yet rather than dealing with our children, Superintendent Schulte sees fit to go over to another country, where those students are already way ahead of us and bring them over here. I don't think those students want to go backward. She needs to get more involved with the students who are already here.

-- The Marshall School drop-off is so hectic in the morning. I'm tired of people pulling up to the crosswalk because they don't want to get in line like everybody else and let their kids off at the crosswalk. It's about time the principal or assistant principal gets out there every day.

On roundabouts: Sound Off on May 4 about the Highway 14 plans talks about them putting in more roundabouts. If anybody would like to improve Highway 11, forget all the roundabouts, just bypass Brodhead. That is totally ridiculous to have that town command a major state road going right through it.

-- I couldn't agree more with the May 7 Sound Off. That roundabout on Racine Street is really dangerous. I wish they would stop this whole thing about roundabouts; they're just not worth it. I don't think it's right to put a curve in a road. It doesn't makes sense at all.

On vaccinations: Michael Gerson's column (Page 4A, Tuesday) states that choosing not to be vaccinated could endanger your neighbors. If vaccinations work so well, how would you be endangering your neighbors if you weren't vaccinated?

On Senate race: It's great to see Mike Sheridan run for the 15th Senate seat. He's a great progressive leader, and his experience working in bipartisanship will move the state forward without compromising progressive values.

-- Tim Cullen must be losing it to back a 24-year-old with no real experience except for working for Cullen. Cullen should stay out of the 15th District race and let the people decide who they think will work hard and represent them the best.

-- Wise up, Austin Scieszinski. You're being used by Cullen to spoil the Senate race. Your lack of experience doesn't impress many voters.

On Benghazi: The panel needs to know why Hillary Clinton stood over the four dead American heroes' coffins and told their parents they were murdered because of a video when she knew that was a horrible lie.

On Bill Watson: If he is the “yes” man for General Motors, why not call that company and get some of that free gravel he incorrectly commented it was giving away?

-- Is this the best Watson can do (Page 3A, Wednesday), dangling a carrot of automaker jobs in order to throw out local zoning?

On Gazette subscriptions: Why are certain subscribers charged for online all-access? To be fair, this charge should be listed on the bill as an option. If you want to pay for all-access, send in the extra fee with your payment.

On heroin plague: If they want the epidemic to go down, put the drinking age back to 18 and let these young adults have a drink and socialize with their buddies. People would have something else to do other than heroin. You can serve your country, own a house and do just about anything else at 18.

On new firehouse: Our church group is wondering why the city doesn't use the old ball field just west of Mount Zion. No houses to destroy.

On court ruling: Thursday's front-page story, “Ruling delays Walker's big win,” leaves out the most important details. Go online and read Judge Randa's 26-page ruling. It's a scathing assault on the prosecutors, threatening to hold them in contempt, saying what they did violated the constitutional rights of the governor.

On city spending: I am in my 80s and about to lose my house because of property taxes. The money they're spending on the bus depot turns my stomach. They're going to spend more on a new fire station and tearing down the ramp on the river. Where is this money coming from? Roads in this town are in terrible shape, and the bridge downtown is terrible.

On Nigerian girls: It's enough to turn your stomach to watch leftists display outrage. They've been making excuses for Islamic terrorism for 10 years. Hillary Clinton refused to put this group on a terror watch list despite continuous urging from many quarters. Maybe if she had done something when she had the power to do it, this group would have been depleted.

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