Your Views: Back Walker, Republicans to keep state moving ahead

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gov. Walker and Republican reforms are improving Wisconsin. CEO Magazine’s 2014 rankings for “Best and Worst States for Business” show Wisconsin jumping 27 places since Walker and Republican reforms have been implemented. Wisconsin is now ranked 14th in the nation, and Wisconsin’s economic climate continues to improve.

Compare that to the failed policies of the Doyle-Burke administration, which crippled Wisconsin’s economic climate. While Mary Burke was commerce secretary, CEO Magazine’s ranking for Wisconsin fell from 25th to 33rd. When you compare the Walker-Kleefisch administration to Jim Doyle and Burke, you can clearly see Republican reforms are moving us forward.

Through Walker’s leadership, Republican policies have improved our economy each year. This would be lost with Burke’s policies of higher taxes and large deficits that caused Wisconsin’s economy to plummet under Doyle. Unemployment peaked at 9.2 percent during the Doyle-Burke administration. Under Walker, our unemployment rate is 5.9 percent, a five-year low.

Under the Doyle-Burke administration, 133,000 jobs and 27,000 businesses were lost over the course of four years. The CEO Magazine rankings confirm the progress the Walker-Kleefisch administration has made, leading to over 100,000 new jobs and nearly 20,000 new business formations.

At the end of the Doyle-Burke administration, employer confidence was only 10 percent. Employer confidence now stands at 95 percent under Walker and Kleefisch. Republican policies have revived our economy. We are recovering from the high-tax and reckless spending policies of the Doyle-Burke administration. Voting for Republicans will keep us moving in the right direction.



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