Sound Off for Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

On heroin epidemic: Rock and Jefferson counties want to get a hold on heroin, but don't they know alcohol is killing more and disrupting more families than heroin? Society has pussyfooted around alcohol and drugs with plea bargains and no felonies after multiple drunken drivings. How about getting tough?

-- I read the “Heartbreak of Heroin” package in Sunday's Gazette. In regards to the treatments listed, Mercy Option addiction treatment programs, which offer several levels of programming for treatment of addictions, were not mentioned anywhere, and I was curious why.

On voter ID law: So the law got struck down; how wonderful. I'm sure it makes Democrats happy. That means illegal aliens, the dead and everyone on entitlements can continue to vote for them.

On Milwaukee Brewers: Prediction: Over the next few weeks and perhaps months, the Brewers bandwagon is going to get lighter and lighter.

On good people in Janesville: I stopped at Perkins last Wednesday for a piece of pie and a cup of coffee when I was shopping. Some nice person paid for my pie and coffee, and I have no idea who. I want to thank them very much.

On immigrants: The main reason that most people object to illegal immigrants is the costs to schools, hospitals, welfare, health care. Taxpayers have had to give up their rights so others can get their wrongs.

On joblessness: Last month another 800,000 people were taken out of the workforce. Our employee participation rate is now 62 percent. Only 62 percent of people of working age are gainfully employed, yet the unemployment rate is only 6.3 percent. The Catholic Church should investigate this miracle because it could be that the president is in line for sainthood.

On Benghazi: I looked in The Gazette on Thursday. I thought, OK, deadline was missed on new emails about the terrorist attack. Friday, still nothing about the emails. Did your news services break down?

-- Hillary Clinton told the father of one of the slain Americans that we will find the person who made this video and bring him to justice. Now we know the whole story about the video was a lie, and that's what this probe into Benghazi is about—not Republicans trying to make political hay. The people have a right to the truth no matter what the news media think.

-- Imagine the Bush administration had left four Americans to die while they pleaded for assistance and then concocted and disseminated a lie about it and the truth had to be forced out through the courts. Do you think there would be news coverage? That's what happens with the Obama administration, and we're told Hillary Clinton should be our next president.

On Sheridan candidacy: I'm a lifelong Democrat, but I will never vote for Mike Sheridan again. I just don't think you can trust him.

On Republicans: Our grandchildren won't have anything if Republicans get in power. Republicans need better brains. They live out “The Wizard of Oz” characters. Helpful advice: When you give your two cents, make sure you have enough left over to live on. Better-paying jobs? Right. Republicans keep voting down minimum wage.

On outdoors columnist: As a woman, I am not a sports enthusiast or a hunter but I truly enjoy fishing. I'm reading Duncan Pledger's column about his experiences outdoors (8B, Sunday). I will miss his columns immensely. I wish him well.

On roundabouts: Regarding Sunday's Sound Off, I lived in Illinois where we had a roundabout, and women would not go through because it was too dangerous. I think they're dangerous. I don't like the one on Racine Street. I think it's crazy. You go round and round and don't know where you are going to end up. Please don't put any more in Janesville.

On golf story: Edgerton's golf team wins the Ashenfelter Invitational, yet the pictures for the story are of Craig and Parker golfers. Just one more reason I did not renew my subscription.

On state politics: Mordecai Lee said people who vote in midterms tend to be older and wealthier (Page 2A, Monday). He forgot smarter. Everyone shows up for presidential elections. People who come to midterms are generally more educated and politically savvy. If you're too lazy or disinterested to educate yourself, do the country a favor and stay home.

On faith: Questioning your faith? You need to see the movie “God's Not Dead.” It will answer a lot of your questions.

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