Sound Off for Sunday, May 4, 2014

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

On voter ID: Wednesday’s headline, “Voter ID law struck down,” could have been written the day lefty Judge Lynn Adelman was handed this case. But take heart, people, the Democratic Party is simply delaying the inevitable. The argument that poor people can’t afford free IDs is not going to hold water too much longer.

-- Get a big stack of $5 bills and go to the poorest neighborhood you can find. Offer people $5 apiece to show you their IDs, and I will bet you will run out of money before you find one adult who does not have an ID.

On political calls: They have started again, hot and heavy political calls. Thank goodness for caller ID and the answering machine. I don’t answer any calls that I don’t recognize the name or phone number. If they don’t leave a message, too bad.

On Sheridan’s candidacy: Right-wingers are huge hypocrites when they haven’t any concerns when Republican senators like John Ensign, David Vitter and wide stance Larry Craig have affairs while married but get in a dither when Mike Sheridan dated a woman while going through a divorce.

-- In a radio interview, Sheridan talked of his past, the Interstate 90/39 project and, of course, GM. Sadly, the 15th Senate District’s problems of notably high unemployment, school funding and a crumbling infrastructure were never mentioned. Looks like the new Mike is still the same old Mike.

-- How interesting. Sheridan has worked for Bill Watson, and now Sheridan voices his support for an interchange (Page 8A, Monday) that is very unpopular among many voters. Déjà vu.

-- Great, now we have the dream team, Watson and Sheridan. Sheridan wants to spin the fact he was going through a divorce and about the way he voted. People have long-term memories, regardless of what he thinks. As far as Watson, again The Gazette should bring up what happened 10 years ago in La Prairie Township, the land swap deal. That did not wash.

On Highway 14 plans: Regarding Page 2A last Sunday, they don’t have money to fix the roads, but they are talking about more roundabouts. Take a ride between Monroe and Orfordville on Highway 11 and see what you think.

On Donald Sterling: The biggest story in the country is some rich guy making racist comments. Three black teenage girls were gunned down in Chicago, but of course, that’s not a story. The media focuses on what the media wants to focus on.

-- No doubt Sterling deserves everything he got. What a jerk. But don’t miss the other parts of the story. First, his gold digging, privacy-law-breaking girlfriend, and second, what would the public and media outcry have been if a black public figure had said the same thing about associating with whites?

On Arizona veterans: President Obama said he was going to investigate the deaths of 40 veterans in Arizona. I hope he does this better than he did getting to the bottom of the IRS cover-up.

On Benghazi: Newly obtained emails from the White House prove that after the massacre, the White House concocted and disseminated a lie. The media claim this is old news. No, this was alleged by Republicans who were written off as racists, claiming Republicans only dislike the president because of his skin color. They’re not journalists; they’re “presstitutes.”

-- How did the two smartest people on the planet, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, get caught with their pants down on the anniversary of 9-11? Gomer Pyle could have figured out that you needed to be more vigilant on that day.

On city trash collection: It’s nice of them, now that they don’t have to get out of their trucks, to leave my recyclables sitting on the ground in front of my bin. But yet I have to go collect them because the wind blew them all over, and if I didn’t do that, they’d fine me.

On Walker: I’m getting tired of arrogant, pompous people saying Scott Walker is unqualified to be governor because he does not have a college degree. Walker has something these hypocrites never will have. That is common sense. Back off, and let Walker do his job. Some of the greatest Americans did not have college educations.

On employment: I’m tired of hearing that employers cannot find skilled workers. What they’re really saying is we cannot find skilled employees willing to work for lousy pay and benefits.

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