Your Views: Ultra-conservatives should leave GOP, form own political party

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

In response to The Associated Press article about the complaints of Danny Krueger and Jeff Horn (Page 4A, April 26), who feel the GOP is ignoring them:

You aren't satisfied with contributing but want to control. Like any small child, your reaction is to disrupt the meeting and make sure no one else is heard. You want them to go along with all you want, and you say that those who actually work with others should be kicked out. You even are considering Wisconsin seceding from the U.S.

There are three C's of living and working together in a healthy way: communication, consideration and compassion. They apply if any community, from a family to federal government, is to prosper. By cutting out all who disagree with you, and having only your ideas heard, you deny the democracy that is this country. You also miss a lot of good ideas.

My suggestion is that you ultra-conservatives who have these strong feelings need to form your own separate party rather than be part of another, like the GOP. Just because your tea party group was initially financed and encouraged by Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich and a few other Republicans doesn't mean you must stay with that party. Make the tea party a separate party rather than a part of something else; be where you will be acclaimed by those who totally agree with your ideology. And if there aren't enough people or there isn't enough money for that, there's a lesson there also.



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