FamilyWize prescription cards save users

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Shelly Birkelo
Friday, May 2, 2014

JANESVILLE—Uninsured and underinsured residents who live in Rock County and northern Winnebago County, Ill., have saved more than $1.8 million using free prescription discount cards thanks to a partnership the past eight years between United Way Blackhawk Region and FamilyWize.

The program, which is intended to improve the health and financial stability of card recipients, will continue through a new 10-year national association between the local United Way, FamilyWize and United Way Worldwide, according to a news release from United Way Blackhawk Region.

More than $302,000 in savings was reported in 2013 in the Blackhawk Region.

“We are proud to join forces with FamilyWize to protect the health and well-being of our community,” said Steve Kinkade, president of the local United Way.

“The consequences of skipping medications can be devastating, which is why making prescriptions affordable and accessible for families in the Blackhawk Region is a top priority for United Way,” he said.

A Commonwealth Fund Biennial Health Insurance Survey in 2012 indicated 46 percent of adults nationwide—more than 80 million people—have either no prescription coverage or inadequate coverage.

“The FamilyWize card is the primary prescription benefit for millions without health insurance and a critical backup benefit for the underinsured when medicine isn't covered by their health plan,” said Dan Barnes, president and CEO of FamilyWize.

Through a national education campaign and distribution of free prescription savings cards, FamilyWize and United Way are on a mission to help millions of individuals and families get the medicines they need and ultimately ensure that everyone has access to affordable prescription medication, he said.

The goal is to deliver $1 billion in prescription savings nationwide.

“United Way is focusing on creating opportunity for all by improving health, education and financial stability,” said Stacey Stewart, U.S. president of United Way Worldwide.

“Our partnership with FamilyWize helps us advance that cause and 1,000 United Ways across America that are helping people be healthier and more productive.”

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