Your Views: Janesville Craig student group stresses hazards of cigarette butts

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Friday, May 2, 2014

For Earth Day, our local tobacco prevention group in Janesville, called FACT, picked up cigarette butts at Palmer Park to raise awareness about the negative impact that littered cigarette butts have on our environment. FACT is Wisconsin’s youth-driven tobacco prevention movement for young leaders in grades 7 through 12.

Cigarette butts are made mostly of plastic and don’t break down. They contain toxic chemicals that leak into our lakes, rivers and streams. In Janesville, we see many cigarette butts everywhere, such as parks, parking lots and outside many businesses.

Cleaning up the cigarette butts really makes you think about all the damage these cause to the Earth. FACT members are working hard in our community to spread the truth about tobacco. The truth is that cigarettes are not just harmful to those who smoke them, but the littered butts hurt the environment, too.

FACT is part of the Wisconsin Tobacco Prevention and Control Program and is managed by the American Lung Association in Wisconsin. For more information on the FACT Movement, please visit www.fightwithFACT.com.


Craig High School N.I.K.E/ FACT group

EDITOR’S NOTE: N.I.K.E. stands for Nicotine Is Kids’ Enemy.

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