Sound Off for Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On Mike Sheridan: When are you guys going to stop beating a dead horse? His misstep happened years ago, and it seems like that’s all you guys can talk about. I would appreciate it if you stop printing that stuff and start printing all the good stuff he’s done and will bring to our community.

-- I was glad to see Sheridan make his candidacy official. He is the most experienced and the best to offer of all the fine candidates.

-- Mr. Sheridan, have you no shame? GM, with all its problems, dumped its manufacturing future not only in Janesville but also in the U.S. It transferred the so-called jobs to Mexico and China. Much less, it is shameful about your own checkered past.

-Regarding Page 8A Monday, so it turns out Sheridan is just a shill for Bill Watson. The truth comes out. Thanks, Mike, but I’ll pass.

-- Sheridan shows his commitment to the Interstate 90/39 project. Hopefully, he can reach across the aisles to work continuously with members of the other party, as did retiring state Sens. Dale Schultz and Mike Ellis.

On Janesville School District: There are many changes in education. Janesville has been an advocate for promoting what research shows. Some would say we’re on the cutting edge. The current environment has caused frustrations and talented employees to retire or leave. The newest initiative is an international program. Stop and let’s look at what’s going on in our own buildings.

On city changes: Possibly close the landfill. Build a new fire station. Turn out the parking space on the river. Destroy old buildings and haul them to the dump. Put in a river walkway. What does the new city manager have to say about all this? If he isn’t involved in any of this, why do we have a city manager?

On landfill: The city may close it, per John Whitcomb. Don’t insult citizens’ intelligence. If you close or sell the landfill, you’re selling out each Janesville taxpayer citizen who uses it and pays you your living. I suggest you find a way to keep the landfill without closing or selling it.

On dog walkers: I’m wondering when the Janesville Police Department is going to go back to the law where dogs have to be on a 6-foot leash? I’m tired of dogs coming into my yard that are on 20-foot leads. You don’t want to put your dog in your own yard, but then you can walk in the neighbor’s yard. It’s getting ridiculous.

On students building home: Regarding the article on Craig and Parker building a house (Page 1A, April 26) I’m glad to see the South Central Wisconsin Builders Association sponsorship the past seven years. However, the program has been in process since 1990 when the advanced construction classes were teamed with Habitat for Humanity.

On traffic patterns: While street engineers are studying possible changes at Milton Avenue and Lodge Drive (Page 3A, Saturday), I would urge them to look at the post office corner of Milton Avenue, Randolph and Kennedy. Without left-turn provisions, this is the most dangerous intersection in Janesville.

On food stamps: In answer to last Wednesday’s Sound Off, why do you feel taxpayers should pay for your food plus their own food?

On secession: So the tea party wants Republican Party members to secede Wisconsin from the union. I have a suggestion. Let the radical tea party members secede from the Republican Party. Then they can call their party the Donner Party—alone and lost in the wilderness of politics.

On Bundy issue: Regarding Kathleen Parker’s column (“GOP must choose wisely or reap whirlwind,” Page 7A Monday), first the media ignore the Cliven Bundy story. Now they’re trying to demonize the guy as a racist. This story isn’t about race; it’s about out-of-control federal government. Anybody who disagrees with the left of the Democrat Party is a racist.

On investment board: State pension fund managers got 66 percent bonuses on top of their big incentives in 2013. David Villa got over $660,000. I got 4.7 percent plus losses for five years while they got big raises and bonuses. Talk about greed. No wonder the middle class is losing.

On renters insurance: Monday’s Gazette editorial seems to be vilifying the couple who had the house fire, suggesting they did not have enough renter’s insurance, like they’re to blame. You don’t know the personal income and what they can afford. They’re probably among the 99 percent in this country who can’t afford anything anymore.

On weather page: The Accuweather forecast in The Gazette every day is not very accu—ha ha that’s a joke.

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