Your Views: Why do Democrats promote greed, hatred, victimization?

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Democrats are promoting class warfare, saying income inequality is caused by the greed of the “evil” rich. They attack anyone, such as Paul Ryan, who talks about addressing causes of poverty.

Choices we make can determine success or failure. Why do Democrats want to punish those who are successful because of the hard work and sacrifices they make? Why do Democrats feel that those who are not well off because of choices they made have to be rewarded for their poor choices? (I am not talking about those who are down on their luck through no fault of their own).

Should those who work hard and make sacrifices be forced to turn their hard-earned dollars over to those who refuse to work? Instead of promoting greed, hatred and victimization in order to win elections, why not enact policies that create jobs so people can help themselves out of poverty? The Census Bureau showed 86 million people working for private businesses in 2012, and 108 million living in households on welfare. How much longer can our country sustain this?

Democrats who are making people comfortable in poverty so they can buy their votes in the next election are not helping them get out of poverty.

We should reward people who make good decisions and sacrifices. Getting a diploma, learning a trade, going to college and getting married all lead to better outcomes than dropping out of school and having children out of wedlock.



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