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Friday, April 18, 2014


On council approves fire station location: Finally, already, the right decision.

-- *****

-- What a disgrace it is today to be a citizen of Janesville.

-- Truthtelller

-- I'm sure the moving expenses of all the occupants will be paid for, too? It's not their fault they are being tossed to the street. Maybe a class-action suit to collect for hardship?

-- buyusa

-- Actually, the moving expenses are covered. Owners and renters. Why is it a disgrace to be a citizen of Janesville?

-- new user

On Milton wants its main drag back: “Design flaws” seem to be the norm that we are expected to accept re: the DOT. A glimpse at plans for Newville and its proposed three roundabouts is another example. Who the heck is running that show in Madison?

-- Mike Green

-- Who were mayor and city administrator during the planning stage, and why weren't these concerns brought up then? Were they proactive about Milton's future, or did they just let the DOT do it their way? Years ago, I remember people complaining about all the truck traffic. Well, that's fixed.

-- buyusa

-- I guess if I'm Milton, I start erecting my own signs. DOT is taking forever to do something.

-- Joe From Wisconsin

-- The DOT makes the decisions, and they are not always fair or popular. It is known.

-- garyprimer

-- If they are going to remove the stoplights at High and Janesville streets, put those lights at West High and John Paul. That intersection now is in need of stoplights.

-- Candace Kildow

-- Some friends and I tried to go to Milton to shop and have lunch. We saw the water tower as always, and the next thing we knew we were past Milton. We turned around on County N and tried and tried to figure out how to get into the city. It is awful and not marked well at all. We finally found out how to get back to Janesville and did so without going into Milton.

-- new user

On House passes Ryan budget: Oh, ya, good old Paul at it again. Cut the lower-class folks who he supposedly cares about, but good gosh don't do anything about the ridiculous foreign aid that we continue to pour down the toilet year after year. What a phony piece of work he continues to be, and he has the nerve to talk about cutting lawns when he was growing up.

-- hdonlybob

-- The Democratic Party really hasn't done much except keep handing out money and still the situation for the lower-class folks hasn't changed in decades. Matter of fact, if they keep it up without making adjustments, everybody will be in the same boat, and that boat is sinking.

-- RetArmy

-- I guess RetArmy wants us to forget about the unjust wars put on the credit card by Bush, who then gave massive tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations so taxes are the lowest in over six decades, giving Obama no revenue, so tell us again about this big spender you think Obama is…

-- Gliver18

-- The “Cash for Clunker” and food stamp president, put his “budget plan” out. At least this year he got two more votes than last time (which was zero).

-- wislady

-- More money has been spent on poverty programs than ever in our history, but it is not helping people get out of poverty. … What the Democrats are doing is not working. Did you see what happened in Greece? That is where we are headed.

--Proud Grandpa

-- RetArmy's pension would be a shambles had the Republicans had their say. Military vets and their families continue to sacrifice everything without much regard from conservative legislators. Shame!

-- sabreman


To John Eyster: I don't have a problem with the way our state Legislature runs. If I could make a change, it would be to eliminate all—yep, that's all—state and federal pensions for legislators. Those positions were never intended to be careers, and as it stands, you can get elected to the House for one term and draw a pension for life.

-- Northman

-- Nebraska is the only state with that (unicameral) system. Somehow, I doubt that you would welcome the Supreme Court and the governor ruling/vetoing items that they deem improper (as the check and balance system is in the unicameral Nebraska).

-- wislady

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