Your Views: Parkview School District plan doesn't delight all taxpayers

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Parkview School District referendum that includes the town of Newark passed. Parkview High School in Orfordville is to be remodeled and renovated. Many of us taxpayers do not agree with this. Some of our reasons include that our taxes will go higher and we will not be able to afford it. Since enrollment is down, why do we need this almost entirely new school?

With students leaving the district to attend surrounding schools such as Janesville, Brodhead and Beloit, how is the decrease in students going to help keep our schools open? Why are we planning to build basically a new school when students aren't getting the education and help with homework they really need?

Teachers are getting salaries to help the students for their futures. If the school is in debt, why should taxpayers have to make up for the school board's mistakes? How is a new school going to get the district out of debt? Newark Elementary should never have been closed. Now it's up for sale again, and a lot of money is spent and gone. What did the money get used for after the district sold the school?

How can residents pay property taxes and still pay household bills and afford to live comfortable lives?



(Town of Newark)

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