Local Views: Board chairman gets dramatic first-hand look at Rock County's readiness

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J. Russell Podzilni
Friday, April 4, 2014

For the past 12 years, I have had the pleasure of serving Rock County residents as a county board supervisor. For the last six years, I have had the honor of serving as county board chairman. Through this board experience, I have come to learn about the many things that county government does.

Some of these are prominent: sheriff's office patrols and jail operation, human services functions such as child protective services and juvenile justice, and street repairs and snow removal on county and state highways and Interstates by the public works department. Other services are less noticeable, and chances are that you wouldn't even know they existed unless you had the rare occasion to experience them.

On Feb. 27, I had such an occasion. During a committee meeting, I suddenly felt great pain and discomfort and had a staff member call 911. The dispatcher at the Rock County Communications Center was calm and professional and quickly sent the Janesville Fire Department to help. Luckily, they arrived just in time.

In other jurisdictions, that act of two government agencies communicating and working together could have encountered delays. In Rock County, it took place instantly and without a second thought. This is only one instance of county government efficiently providing services. Many others occur on a daily basis.

During April, counties across America take part in National County Government Month. This year's theme, “Ready and Resilient Counties: Prepare. Respond. Thrive” is a reminder of all of the good things county government does, both prominent and those with less fanfare.

As we celebrate National County Government Month, please join me, and the rest of the Rock County Board of Supervisors, in saying thanks to all of the Rock County employees for their dedication and commitment to serving Rock County residents.

For more information about the services offered by Rock County, and to obtain more details about the events planned during National County Government Month, please log on to www.co.rock.wi.us.

J. Russell Podzilni of Janesville is represents Rock County District 22 and is chairman of the Rock County Board. Phone 608-754-5506; email  podzilni@co.rock.wi.us.

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