Spring 2014 Election

Incumbent Christopher Lund wins Edgerton mayoral race

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Frank Schultz
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

EDGERTON—Christopher Lund has won re-election to his third term as mayor of Edgerton.

Lund beat Matt McIntyre, an Edgerton City Council member who served as mayor for 10 years. McIntyre also tried to unseat Lund in 2010 and 2012.

Lund topped McIntyre both previous times. Voters showed a strong preference for Lund, who will serve another two years as mayor. McIntyre remains a city council member for another year.

Lund said Tuesday night he is keen to boost local businesses, such as gas stations and restaurants, when strangers start streaming into town.

“I think we have to take advantage of that traffic coming through here for the next few years,” Lund said.

Interstate 90/39 is slated for a major widening project starting in 2015, and Lund said that even sooner, Highway 51 and Hillside Road, major local routes, are slated for work.

All three projects will send motorists through Edgerton as part of bypass routes, Lund said, and the city should make sure new signs direct them to services they might need.

If motorists like the town, they might continue to stop in Edgerton in future years, Lund thinks.

The city's redevelopment authority has already approved some signs, Lund said.

Asked if the council backs this, Lund said: “I hope so. I don't believe we've really talked about it too much.”

Lund said he hoped the city can also work more with the chamber of commerce to promote Edgerton.

Other than that, Lund said of his goals: “Just try to make things run smoothly and get everybody to work together and make Edgerton a better place to live.”

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