Your Views: George Brunner deserves return to Janesville City Council

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

George Brunner has been a valued public servant to Janesville for many years. While chief of police in 1997, he jump-started the Fourth Ward’s return to being a safe place to live.

Brunner was instrumental in getting Janesville’s first drug ordinance passed. The ordinance is still used today, which includes a letter to landlords who allow drug dealers to operate on their properties. Drug dealing has decreased 88 percent in the Fourth Ward since 1997.

Each council member’s yard sign is on a wall in my home. When a council member no longer serves, that sign is replaced with the new council member. Brunner’s yard sign is grandfathered in because of what he has done for Janesville and our neighborhood.

Brunner serves on the plan commission and previously served on the city council, as a police officer and as chief of police.

He still has a desire to serve the public. Putting George Brunner on the council April 1 is a win-win situation for Janesville.



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