Your Views: Russ Rucker understands need to uphold our Constitution

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

While attending public hearings at the state Capitol, I was dismayed to realize few legislators had any familiarity with the U.S. Constitution they swear an oath to obey and defend—the law that protects our freedom, rights and sovereignty. Disrespect for—or ignorance of—the Constitution has been, perhaps, the single most reason for many of the country’s woes. Today, virtually no one in government cares about the Constitution, its purpose or the rights it was intended to protect.

I attended the 45th Assembly District candidate forum in Beloit in 2012, and I recall being extremely impressed with Russ Rucker. He understood the Constitution. He knows the importance of making no laws contrary to the intent of that document, and his responses to questions revealed a thorough understanding of the laws that bind the overreach of big governments. It is important to elect informed and principled people to responsible government offices.

I encourage voters to support Russ Rucker for Rock County Board supervisor in the 8th District on April 1. I respect his knowledge, ethics, principles and willingness to say and do what is right when it may not always be “politically correct.” His honesty and common sense are extremely appreciated and very refreshing!



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