Your Views: Vote ‘no’ to proposed tax madness in Orfordville Parkview School District

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

After attending the March 5 Parkview referendum meeting, I learned the main reason claimed by organizers for building a new school is to stop the declining enrollment. “If we build it, they will come (we hope).”

Parkview High School enrollment has dropped 18 percent over the most recent five years on record. Brodhead, with its new high school, also lost 18 percent of its students over the same period. See https://apps2.dpi.wi.gov/sdpr/district-report.action.

If Brodhead with new buildings is losing students at the same rate as Parkview with older buildings, then new buildings won’t have the desired effect.

The primary reason for declining enrollment at Parkview is economics. Jobs are scarce and aren’t in the Orfordville-Footville area. Families are moving to larger communities because every year it gets more expensive to commute. It’s also more convenient when schools are blocks away instead of miles away.

The surrounding communities have changed since the baby boom era, when Parkview was born. In 1963, young baby boomers were everywhere with plenty of students to fill schools. Not true today.

The two referendums are asking for an increase in our school taxes of from 37 percent to 42 percent. As an example, school taxes currently at $1,500 will increase to $2,100 every year. Don’t forget Rock County and Blackhawk Technical College tax requirements also.

Building new schools in Orfordville will only cement the reality of an immense tax burden on local residents for decades. Vote “no” on April 1 and stop this madness.



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