Your Views: Parkview School District plan reasonable, sensible, benefits us all

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

I am voting “yes” to the Parkview School District referendum because, looking at the current facilities, I cannot deny the need.

The plan presented is the most reasonable one put forth since the high school was built. It takes what we already have and rebuilds/reworks it in a way that just makes sense.

I was impressed that the architects started with a “blank slate” and spent time at the schools looking at what worked and didn’t work. They held several open-house meetings seeking our community’s input. Then they sat down with the long-range planning committee and worked out the best options to meet those needs. I challenge everyone to look at those plans before voting.

We all live under the same roof, so to speak. If we don’t take care of our “house” it will affect us all, whether you have kids or not. I challenge Parkview residents to put aside the gossip. Check out the facts. Read through the information packets that have been sent out by the district. Check out the tax costs.

Our property taxes will not double. Farmland is taxed at a lower rate than a house. Someone paid for our education. If we can afford to, shouldn’t we provide that for others?

Parkview has great teachers and programs. I believe this plan is the most economical and sensible one for leading us to “Making Good Great,” and that benefits us all.



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