Your Views: Gazette owes apology to those on minimum wage

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

An apology on behalf of the Gazette’s editorial board is owed to the numerous hard-working community members employed at minimum-wage jobs for lengthy time periods. An editorial March 11 stated that these people lack “gumption, ambition and intelligence.” There is no reference identifying the source of information, therefore we are left to believe it is the personal opinion of editorial board members. Shame on you for perpetuating these myths about employees forced to stay in minimum-wage employment.

Many men and women, working for minimum wage, rise daily to go to jobs that are often demeaning, demoralizing and difficult. They continue to go, day after day, in an effort to provide basic necessities for their families and themselves. There exists myriad reasons why some people remain for years in minimum-wage jobs, and these reasons have nothing to do with intelligence, ambition or gumption.

Editors of a daily newspaper have a responsibility to inform the public with information gleaned from a thoughtful analysis of facts. The Gazette failed miserably in this editorial. Please do not continue spreading hurtful untruths at the expense of community members who are hard-working, yet poorly paid.



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