Sound Off for Sunday, March 9, 2014

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

On Rep. Kramer: Page 2A Wednesday says, “Republicans oust majority leader.” Notice how Republicans deal with bad behavior; swiftly and internally. When this happens to Democrats, they circle the wagons and make excuses. We're still waiting for our story on Democratic Rep. Sinicki and her two arrest warrants. Maybe if she joins the Republican Party, we'll get a story.

-- I'm wondering why Kramer was not charged with sexual assault. He was said to have groped a woman. My understanding is that's usually sexual assault. It seems he's getting away with it and nobody's saying anything because of his position as Assembly leader.

On job creation: What has James Otterstein and Rock County 5.0 accomplished other than preparing shovel-ready sites where no company wants to locate? Rock County 5.0 and labor groups should support Bill Watson's funding for an interchange. The real test of politicians saying they support creating jobs is do they support building plants where they want to locate?

On Walker office's emails: It's bad enough to make fun of the poor and minorities. To make jokes pertaining to the Milwaukee parking garage tragedy where the slab of concrete fell on and killed a 15-year-old boy and injured two others, that's not just sad, that's sick.

On bias: Why does The Gazette always denigrate our governor by putting a negative spin on anything from his office? Page 5A Feb. 27 announced no property tax increases. Under the headline were the words “No details given on plan,” insinuating maybe there wasn't one. The piece ended with Mary Burke's campaign manager questioning Walker's veracity.

On Rep. Ryan: After Paul Ryan released another report on Monday blaming anti-poverty programs as being ineffective, the rest of the nation has to be wondering why the people of this town and state keep re-electing this man. I suggest Ryan google the word empathy and study its definition.

On Ukraine: Am I reading these comments in the paper wrong that say our president is weak, or do people want to start another unfunded war that will bankrupt our country like the last two we got into did? How short our memory is sometimes.

-- Mitt Romney was mocked and ridiculed in the 2012 debates by President Obama for stating Russia was our No. 1 geopolitical foe. Sarah Palin was ridiculed in 2008 when she said if Obama was elected, Putin would likely invade Ukraine. Were our intelligence agencies too busy spying on Americans to notice Putin amassing an army on a neighboring border?

On Janesville Jets: I'd like to respond to Bill McCoshen and other owners of the Jets. When they pay my bills, they can tell me what family affordable entertainment is. I can't afford to take my four kids to the Jets game. Who are they to tell me how I should spend my money and what's affordable?

On negativity: This is March, and I just read the Sound Off column. Only two people have anything positive to say. Everything else was hate and dissatisfaction. Please think before you speak. Think about how well off you really are. Is hating the fire station, Obama, Leonard Pitts and everything in general making your day better?

On Dan Lassiter: His photos are all wonderful. I especially loved the one recently of a winter scene that had a lonesome horse in it. I do watercolor painting for a hobby and saved that photo and will attempt to paint it.

On pit bulls: Regarding Page 1A Thursday, “I couldn't be quiet anymore,” my heart goes out to the Borchardt family, who lost their little infant, but their naiveté along with their baby sitter put this child at risk. I'm sure Mr. Borchardt listened to some fool tell him there's no difference between breeds. That ignores 1,000 years of breeding.

On Parkview district: Parkview doesn't want a new school. It needs a new school. Build it, and they will come. Don't build it, and they will continue to leave and our district will die a slow death.

On sports coverage: I have a question for the writers of The Gazette, especially the sports writers. They cover every sport in this surrounding area except UW-Whitewater wrestling, and I don't understand that. Whitewater is sending six wrestlers to nationals this year, and I think they deserve a little ink in the paper.

On plowing: I'm calling about the Mario Andretti snowplow driver. We live on the south side, and he didn't show up until after 4 p.m. We had already shoveled our walks and everything, and he came flying by so fast that he plowed more snow up on the sidewalk than the storm put there previously. It's ridiculous.

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