Sound Off for Sunday, March 2, 1014

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

On Parkview: I'd like to congratulate the Parkview boys basketball team. They are a Division 4 school, and they play in a league with Division 2 and 3 schools, and they won their championship. I hope the people in Footville and Orfordville give these kids a decent place to study and play.
 On green jobs: This is on the Politifact about Tammy Baldwin being right about green jobs topping gas and oil. If you expand green jobs to include anything and everything, you can say her statement is correct. How about they compare how much energy is produced by renewables compared to gas and oil and then how much it cost?
On land development plan: Bill Watson gets his gravel pit; Janesville gets its future landfill, and Janesville citizens get the taxes for infrastructure and water.
-- The Gazette should examine Watson's other developments. The Gazette should also examine the ramifications of the Highway 11 bypass and Avalon Road Interstate interchange. Those projects also were touted as being spurs for development.
-- Watson didn't get the speed he wanted from the towns. He didn't get the speed he wanted from the city of Milton. Now, he's going to the city of Janesville. When they tell him  no, will he go to Madison next?
On cookie theft: Why would anyone leave their car unlocked with 56 boxes of Girl Scout cookies inside? Many people lock their doors because they know thieves exist and will take what is yours.
On benefits committee: I was disappointed to read the Janesville School District committee would not include faculty. It has become clear that communication is not open and welcome from the majority of those that work for the district. Words like “journey to excellence” are easy to say, but actions speak louder.
On Leonard Pitts: In the interest of editorial fairness, could the Gazette find an occasional columnist with views counter to Pitts as in someone who doesn't find white racism behind every black person's problems?
-- Comments from people who think Leonard Pitts is racist are typical of people around here who are anti-diversity and intolerant. I say bring on more Leonard Pitts.
-- In Pitts' column, “Put the desert on alert,” he gives half the story. The law is a response to a lesbian couple using big government to force a private bakery to make a cake for a lesbian wedding that they objected to on religious grounds. Pitts wants you to think that Arizona is just a racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobe state, but the left started this.
-- We need Leonard Pitts. His columns are very good. I suspect the person who keeps complaining about him really is a racist.
-- I just read Leonard Pitts' column from Wednesday, and as usual, it was excellent (by the way I am white).  The comment in Sound Off on the same day was reprehensible.
On new fire station: I would sooner put the money into the new fire station than that Taj Mahal of a city garage they are building out on Black Bridge Road and Parker Drive.
-- I'd like to thank Matt Kealy for his no vote on the new fire station. Our city fathers don't seem to realize that they can only go so far with the taxpayers' dollars.
-- With the cost of demolishing homes and land acquisition for the new fire department, it makes building a new ice arena look a little bit cheaper.
-- If we put firefighters on eight-hour shifts, just think how much money we would save in not having to build dormitories for both men and women, plus they would be fresh on each shift.  
-- I would be very upset if I was a homeowner in tht area to have your house taken away because they need an eight-bay fire station. I think that's a little out of line and stand with Councilman Kealy on that one.  
On south side: We don't need another gas station or liquor store. We have plenty of them in close proximity. What we need is something that would help us. We have a lot of crafters down here, and we no longer have a craft store. Also, how about a store that sells  construction supplies like Menards, Home Depot or Lowe's?
-- Are you kidding planning commission, a 16-pump Casey's gas station? This is our neighborhood, not a truck stop. My prediction: Two to three stations will close, one pizza place will close, and one liquor store if Casey gets a liquor license.
 -- We have way too many gas stations at that end of town. We've got three that are struggling, and this will put a hit on them. We need viable businesses. We need a shopping center and restaurants, not another gas station.
-- Each gas station might put six to 12 people to work. It's somebody wanting to put money into the community. I don't see a problem with that. The best gas stations are going to stay open. The bad ones aren't.  This is the United States, and you are free.
On languages: I hope the school board watched the Olympics. They stated that the two most-used languages were French and English. Chinese was never mentioned. Kudos to Kevin Murray to ask for disclosure of all these trips to China.
On salvation in salvage: This is on the article about the former homeless man who started a scrap business. It just proves that God helps those who help themselves. I'm so proud of him and happy that he can try to put money down on a house and what he's done for himself. God bless him.
On grading schools: As a parent, I would want my schools accountable.  If you're not graded, you might not do your best job teaching the children, so I don't see any problem with that.

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