Your Views: Support amendment to require balanced budget

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The authors and great minds who wrote the original U.S. Constitution probably could not have envisioned a trillion dollars, supersonic aircraft, or the Internet. But they could envision tyranny and an overreaching, bulging federal government.

Our current out-of-control U.S. Senate and administration have shown repeatedly they have no hesitation to make “We the People” subservient and dependent on them. They are burdening us with multitrillion-dollar national debts. One estimate indicates they have burdened and are crushing our children with more than $41,000 each of national debt and rising.

No matter which party is in control, the federal government must balance its budget.

Our Founders, in Article V of the Constitution, built in the ability of the states to challenge a nonresponsive and tyrannical, overreaching federal government by allowing states to convene an Article V Convention to amend the Constitution.

There is movement in more than 30 states to hold an Article V Convention with the major intent of establishing a constitutional amendment requiring the federal government to balance its budget. Wisconsin is among those states. Only 34 states are required to convene the convention.

Wisconsin’s Assembly passed this legislation Tuesday and sent it to the Senate. Contact and encourage your senator to endorse, ratify and actively be engaged in legislation in support of an Article V Convention of the States to rein in an overreaching and overspending federal government.

If you don’t know who your senator is, go to legis.wisconsin.gov/pages/waml.aspx.



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