Sound Off for Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

On student achievement: We have some kids that are achieving such high goals in the school district that have had recognition in the paper, and those kids spend half their time at home and half their time at school. I would like to give a major shout-out to the teachers. They are doing an incredible job.

On good Samaritans: I’d like to thank the couple who helped me up after I fell on Wall Street on Friday afternoon. I really appreciate it, and I don’t think I thanked them enough, so hats off for helping me up.

On dentistry: Have you viewed a dental bill lately? My dentist recently quoted a replacement for one lower tooth at a hefty $2,000. Thanks, but no thanks. My physician recently told me he discouraged his daughter from medical school and urged dental school because he stated that in dental practice they have no restrictions on their billing.

On Watson proposal: At the city of Milton listening session, they said they wanted to hear what people had to say. It was loaded with town people all against the Evermor development. Now they talk like they want to hear from city people. Well, they had the listening session for all three entities, so everybody had their chance. Shut them down.

-- Milton’s mayor has stated information is lacking on the Watson deal as there only have been two meetings regarding this, but back in November he also said in an article that he had been working with landowners and the DOT for several months regarding this project. I wonder if the city council also has all the information the mayor has.

-- Your story Feb. 16 says the Helgesen firm is advertising the property. Milton Mayor Brett Frasier should have one of his private discussions with Bill Watson and Jeff Helgesen and tell them to stop advertising this property since the city has not approved anything yet. It seems like they’re counting chickens before they’ve hatched.

On home restoration: On your editorial about Nathan Bussan in last Wednesday’s paper, working in the Fourth Ward, what a good thing he is doing. I wish he could come out to Mallwood and work his magic.

On city manager: A new out-of-state city manager is a great thing. Mr. Freitag is obligated to no one in Janesville. Hopefully he will be able to see where we are and envision where we can go without breaking the bank. He will be able to see a new, safer fire station was needed before a new city garage. He will also see some people have their priorities backward.

On gas prices: I’d like to know what’s going on with gasoline in Janesville and how in the smaller towns like Beloit and Edgerton their gas is cheaper.

On bullying: An NFL player gets driven to the edge of suicide by bullies, and it’s national news. Some Vietnam veterans were driven to the edge of suicide by bullies, and it’s covered up. Where does that rate regarding ethics, integrity, patriotism and respect and who cares?

On governor: I see there’s another suit filed to end the John Doe probe against Scott Walker. They are unnamed petitioners. Could we be familiar with those behind this because they have an interest in buying up more of America or because they’re trying to get child support payments reduced? Scott, if there’s nothing to hide, why are people filing these suits?

On food additives: The rate of food allergies in kids is way up. Experts and doctors say they don’t know why. Well you might want to start with food additives. You’ve already done it, but it needs to be done more.

On cellphones: I’d like to know what people will do if a satellite in space crashes and they don’t have their cellphones anymore or anything else.

On climate: Regarding Page 6B Monday, “Kerry mocks climate change deniers,” now climate change is the world’s largest weapon of mass destruction. They’ve taken to mocking and ridiculing anyone who disagrees with them. You can’t have just a reasonable disagreement with Democrats. If you don’t agree with them, you’re a hater, a denier or a moron.

On car chase: In response to Sunday’s Sound Offs, the guilty party is the car owner. You left your car run unattended with the door unlocked. What were you thinking? A thief could care less about taking things that don’t belong to him.

On city streets: Two segments of East Milwaukee Street in Janesville are so rough they are an embarrassment to the city.

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