Sound Off for Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

On winter services: Bravo to the snowplow workers who came down our street in Wuthering Hills subdivision twice after Saturday, Feb. 1. They were here immediately when the snow stopped. We appreciate them and the young man who is a relative who plows our driveway and sidewalk so faithfully.

-- I am very grateful for the plows and how good a job they do in Janesville. I'm grateful that the newspaper gets delivered even though some days the weather is not so great. If anyone thinks they can do a better job, maybe they should. I'm very pleased with the services I get here.

On Obama: Bill O'Reilly asked President Obama, are you the most liberal president in history? The president answers that he thinks Richard Nixon was more liberal. Nixon was a right-wing conservative. So the president can't even answer that question truthfully.

-- A Wednesday Sound Off says Walker should have thanked Obama for raising us out of the Bush recession. The recession ended in June 2009, we were told. That means it lasted about a year, which is average. Meanwhile, the recovery under Obama is so weak and pathetic that, five years later, 74 percent of Americans still believe we're in a recession.

On downtown: It's interesting to observe progress in downtown Beloit. Meanwhile, Forward Janesville considers growth in our downtown with the pending closing of All Season Runner and closings of Walgreen, Burger King, Metropolitan, Steve & Holly's, Matt's Dog House, Quotes, True Laser, A Glo and Plaza Furniture. Even Speakeasy has a limited schedule.

On teacher pay: The Gazette headline Jan. 30 was that Janesville teachers get a pay hike, which equates to a raise of $264 or $5 per week, and this is after losing $4,000, $5,000 and $6,000 in take-home pay because of Act 10. No wonder so many teachers are leaving for other districts.

On photo: I am so appalled at the picture Jan. 30 of the dad spraying his kids with snow from a snowblower. Does anyone realize how dangerous this is? What if ice or any other debris came out of there? I hope he doesn't do this with his lawnmower, too. That is just so wrong, and then to put it on the front page.

On school closings: If our governor had a spine, he would excuse the bad weather days. Don't look for any Republican to show leadership when it comes to the safety and well-being of our children and their teachers.

On bus garage: I'd like to know who is in charge of this construction. We're going to build a sidewalk on the west side of the building from Black Bridge to the woods? Who's going to walk on it? Don't we have anyplace else to spend that money? If the council lets this waste go through, they all need to be tossed out on their ears.

On school celebrations: I see the school system is encouraging our children to celebrate the Chinese New Year, but they can't even say merry Christmas much less celebrate it. Something is really wrong in America.

On Elkhorn pool: As an Elkhorn resident and business owner, I love how they pass a referendum, close the pool and then decide to get designs and costs (Page 1A, Tuesday). I wish I could operate my business that way, but then again I don't have free taxpayer money to waste. What a joke.

On shooter training: I could not believe you would put this on the front page (Wednesday), with Chief Moore saying he's expecting an assault, even though the chief meant preparing if something happened like that. Good, but keep it in-house, not on the front page. Let's just give someone a push over the edge.

On Affordable Care Act: It's amazing that top Republicans like Paul Ryan would twist the truth to benefit their agenda. They must think we cannot read. The CBO report (Page 6B, Wednesday) does not mean major job losses. It means for the first time workers do not have to stay at their jobs just to keep their health care. They now can make clear choices.

On ECHO: I believe ECHO's fundraiser sent the wrong message. Have we now resorted to offering cars or other merchandise just to get donations for food to feed people? Charitable donations should be done willingly and from the heart with no expectation of reciprocation for doing a good deed to help others in need.

On propane shortage: There must be a country somewhere that has some that we could just invade and take it.


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