Your Views: Obama’s lies and policies, not race, are dooming him

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Barack Obama claims that his plummeting job approval reflects hostility against him because he is black. I guess all those whites who gave him a 66 percent approval rating in 2009 have suddenly become racists.

Obama lied that we could keep our insurance and our doctors. He lied that we could extend unemployment benefits to millions of Americans; provide universal pre-K benefits; provide more green energy subsidies; and rebuild infrastructure with federal dollars without raising the deficit by a dime.

The flood of costly regulations issued by Obama’s EPA are inhibiting job creation and investment, threatening the reliability and affordability of the nation’s energy supply, and doing next to nothing to mitigate climate change. Obama promised his policies would make electricity prices “necessarily skyrocket” by imposing greenhouse gas regulations on power plants. This will destroy jobs without impacting global temperatures. Congress disagrees with Obama, so Obama will “use his pen” to implement these and other harmful policies.

Obama has taken credit for the oil and gas boom, while he has done everything possible to crush this industry. We get about 2 percent of our energy from wind and solar. Obama’s tens of billions of dollars in “investments” in these renewables have led only to Solyndra scandals and crony capitalism.

Americans are tired of Obama’s lies, unprecedented debt, failed policies, blaming others for his failures, class warfare and race baiting. That’s why his approval rating is tanking, not his race.



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