Your Views: Citizens can act to reduce impact of wind projects

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Regarding your Feb. 2 editorial, “Opponents likely can’t stop plans for wind farm,” while stopping any industry has proven difficult in Wisconsin, there are ways to reduce the negative impacts that occur with industrial wind projects.

Steps should be taken now by concerned citizens and town of Johnstown officials to get the wind project process into the open, with all of the safeguards currently allowed by the state. Also, citizens and town officials must be willing to pay to enforce the nighttime noise standard.

Citizens may wish to secure an attorney, or consult with the town’s attorney. The wind developers try very hard to make it difficult for neighbors to speak with one another regarding wind farm activities. The developers are able to do this through landowners and neighbors signing contracts. The contracts surrounding the operation of an industrial wind farm are highly restrictive and secretive, but are not ironclad. If people wish to leave a “good neighbor” or “wind farm” lease, it will mean returning any money and paying one’s lawyer fees.

Citizens may also wish to explore with the town board how to hire a certified acoustician and rural property appraisal service for baseline ambient noise and land value information to compare with developers’ studies.

Common sense and being a good neighbor should prevent, not stop, NextEra.


 Planning and Zoning Committee clerk

Town of Spring Valley

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