Sound Off for Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

On closing schools: In response to last Wednesday’s Sound Off about raising wimps, wind-chill factors are dangerous when children are waiting for a bus that may be running late due to road conditions. Owner-operators of bus companies drive roads to determine conditions. It’s a tough call because they’re damned if they do send buses and damned if they don’t.

-- Wouldn’t it be prudent to add a couple extra snow days for next year and if they aren’t used, then let students out a couple days earlier? One person said it would be too hot to go to school a couple days in June. Didn’t taxpayers pay for air conditioners in schools?

On clearing streets: Regarding the salt shortage (Page 1A, Friday), I don’t know who’s running the city, but didn’t they know winter was coming? Somebody has to get a grip down there and start running the place properly. A multimillion-dollar garage for buses and no salt for roads, are you kidding me? Common sense has got to prevail.

-- It’s Saturday, and I’m watching two plows making their third pass in the Cardinal Meadows Subdivision plowing nothing. They plowed the 2 inches the first time through. Streets are all melted, and it’s Saturday, and that’s overtime. No wonder Janesville’s snow budget is depleted. Never should have plowed when salt would have melted the snow.

On front-page photo: It was inappropriate to take that picture when the parents were endangering those children (Page 1A, Thursday). It looks like good fun, but what would happen if the snowblower had a big piece of ice or hard snow come out and hit one of those children?

On state politics: The president was in Milwaukee on Thursday, but Democrat gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke was surprisingly absent. Wouldn’t you think she would want face time with the president? Gov. Walker was there, so apparently he’s not afraid to be seen with the president.

-- The Gazette love affair with Sens. Tim Cullen and Dale Schultz continues, but it will have to end. Where does The Gazette think Wisconsin would be financially if Cullen and Schultz’s views had carried through into practice?

-- Gov. Walker is going to be coming up with a lot of gimmicks this year. Property tax relief was one; what a joke. My property taxes went up again this year. State tax relief will only help the upper 1 percent. We still have to pay for all of the programs, and that means cities and towns will lose more state money, so it will have to come out of our property taxes.

-- Walker had shown the people over and over that he is the best that money can buy.

-- In Obama’s recent visit, I hope Walker thanked him for raising us out of the massive Bush recession. Everything that Walker has gained is a direct reflection of the Obama economy.

On propane shortage: If we can hardly get through the winter without a shortage, how can we think of having trains run on propane?

On newspaper delivers: Deliveries can be late and difficult in rural areas, but not in town. I am an old lady, but I had a Milwaukee Journal route when I was 12. I delivered after school and weekend mornings in spite of weather. No one gave me a ride. When I couldn’t ride my bike, I hauled papers on a sled. Carriers today don’t have that dedication and stamina.

On gays in church: Regarding Sunday’s front-page story about United Church of Christ welcoming gays, God did not create homosexuals. Homosexuality is forbidden in Scriptures.

On bus garage: Every time I go out Black Bridge Road and see that new garage they’re putting up, it turns my stomach. It’s a shame the money spent on that building. Councilman Marklein says he doesn’t want the new fire station to be a palace, that it’s a working building, and I totally agree with him. Please listen to him and do things right for a change.

On Watson proposal: Regarding Sunday’s front-page story, “We don’t want this,” thank you for doing that. It seems so unfair that the Milton mayor had private discussions with Bill Watson and/or Jeff Helgesen before letting the public know about such a massive project that could have a far-reaching negative impact on so many people.

-- I find it interesting that the developer has not applied for any permits from any municipality. I suspect that’s largely because permits cost money and he’s not going to spend that money until he’s sure he can get what he wants.

-- Does anybody think it is strange that one of Helgesen’s and/or Watson’s attorneys is from the same company that was hired in closed session by the city of Milton? Just saying.

On Obama: Congressman Ryan hit the nail on the head in saying the Obama presidency is increasingly lawless (Page 6A, Monday). Obama is only one-third of our republic democracy and not the king. His executive orders in no way should circumvent the law and Constitution.

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