Sound Off for Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

On school make-up days: Cut down days off at spring break, Christmas break, things like that. Kids don’t need all that time off.

-- Whoever decided to not have school Tuesday should have been at the Janesville Mall and seen all the school-aged children going in wearing T-shirts and shorts.

-- Regarding Wednesday’s front page, “District: Extend school year,” give me a break! A couple days extra in June isn’t going to sweat anybody’s little brain to death. Other districts go later in the year. They have enough sense to build in more snow days. Go figure.

-- Janesville School Board member Deborah Schilling says we shouldn’t make up the missed days in June because it will be too hot. Well it’s been too cold now, too snowy and we have days to make up. What a bunch of wimps. Go to school, whether it’s cold or hot, and deal with it like we had to when we were kids.

On drunken driving: A state story on Page 2A Monday is about a man who got his 13th ticket. When is the state going to do something about this? Almost every time you open The Gazette, there’s somebody having three, five, eight drunken driving tickets. Why don’t they confiscate and sell their cars and leave them in jail?

On state trooper: On Friday, Jan. 24, on the Interstate, a vehicle was whipping in and out going 80 mph, and the trooper pulled him over at about mile marker 162.  I want to say thanks for doing a good job because that guy was trying to kill somebody.

On Ted Peck’s column: On Sunday, Jan. 26, Ted spent the first part of his column insulting a former co-worker and actually naming him. I’m surprised editors allowed this. It comes off as smug and smart-alecky. Ted’s column the previous week was also poor and should have been called Seinfeld—a column about nothing. Come on, Ted, you can do better.

On Sen. Dale Schultz: A story on Page 2A Tuesday says “Moderate GOP senator to retire.” Schultz is no moderate. Ever since Republicans took control, he has sided with Democrats against his own party and against the people who voted for him on virtually every issue. The reason he’s leaving is because he knows he would not make it through the primary.

On state politics: A brief on Page 2A Tuesday says “Poll: Close race between Walker, Burke.” Six points is not close, that’s a landslide.

On tax relief: The reason the working poor don’t receive a bigger refund is because most of them don’t pay any federal or state income taxes and in some cases receive more in credits than their actual tax liability. Maybe The Gazette should do a story about tax liabilities for various low-income households. I think we would all be surprised.

-- Could you please explain to Democrats that when they had Jim Doyle in there his final budget had a $3.5 billion deficit, including a $1.2 billion future deficit? Gov. Walker is nowhere near that even with a future deficit. These people need to go back to 101 math and understand how budgets work.

-- I’m sure the county government, city council and school board will figure out many things they need to spend money on that will take all the property tax relief money. Much better would have been to lower the sales tax 1 percent. That way, everybody could actually benefit.

-- Regarding Page 6B Thursday, “Tax credit plan has a chance,” it’s not a tax credit plan, it’s a welfare payment. If you need the Earned Income Tax Credit to survive, that’s fine but don’t pretend it’s not a gift from other taxpayers.

On shelters from cold: I’m replying to the Jan. 29 Sound Off. I helped during the cold. Please note that St. John’s Lutheran Church is an overnight facility at 1000 Bluff St., Beloit. The shelter is activated by the Rock County Sheriff’s Office in coordination with the American Red Cross, and hours are 7 p.m. to 8 a.m.

On teacher raise: The Janesville School District operates under a budget of over $110 million. Of that, only about $220,000 will be used to reward the awarding-winning staff with a 0.75 percent raise. Act 10 creates the opportunity for districts to reward their staff. What a slap in the face for employees. Thank you school district, but no thank you.

On Paw Print Park: There’s supposed to be a large dog side and a small dog side. The ranger allows small dogs in the large dog side. I’ve had several instances where I’ve had problems with small dogs. My large dog is very energetic; if you want to keep your precious little dog safe, keep it on the small side where it’s designated to do so. Thank you.

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