Sound Off for Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On minimum wage: Gov. Walker doesn’t like the idea of raising the minimum to maybe $10 an hour (Page 2A, Friday). I was wondering if he and his rich buddies could live on $7.25 an hour, and then him denying the federal money to help us. Rep. Deb Kolste was right, that would have helped a lot and maybe we wouldn’t have had to go to Obamacare.

-- Raising the minimum wage is nothing more than legislating inflation. It hurts everyone, but it hurts the ones at the bottom the most because their purchasing power goes down, not up. They also lose jobs. Democrats know this but don’t care whether their policies help or hurt the country, they only care whether they help or hurt the Democratic Party.

On government spending: Rep. Kolste’s column on Page 4A Friday says “Let’s direct surplus toward job creation.” That’s exactly what the governor is proposing. Cutting taxes will create jobs faster than anything else. Having government spend money does not create jobs. That’s what Barack Obama has been attempting for going on six years, and it has not worked.

On city services: First the city says, oh if it’s a holiday, all trash pickup is going to be a day late. Well, the Martin Luther King holiday was last week Monday. There was no mail delivery, many places were closed, but they were picking up trash like usual. There needs to be notification other than the Internet to tell us when things like trash pickup will occur.

On Walker’s speech: Gov. Walker is upset that a convicted sex offender with three DUIs was allowed to stand alongside him at the State of the State address. If that guy were the son of a lobbyist supporter, Walker probably would have given him a government job and a raise.

On Walker’s proposed tax cuts: I just paid off my Lowe’s and Kohl’s bills, and now you know what I’m going to do with the surplus? Pay off some more bills. Maybe the governor and the legislators should consider that option. Income and property tax cuts are a relief for most of us, but debt affects us all.

-- How can Walker explain borrowing to balance the state budget? That added to the state deficit. Credit cards should be taken away from the governor, just like some residents who can’t handle their budgets. It all boils down to a lot of smoke and mirrors. What you don’t see or hear won’t hurt you. Money he is spending now is only a projection, not money in hand.

On school closings: When I was in grade school, we didn’t have closed days or snow days. What is with these people? Are you raising a bunch of wimps, or are the parents a bunch of wimps?

-- This is in regards to a Sunday Sound Off. Teachers do not decide when schools are to be closed. The superintendent does. The caller commented on inconveniencing teachers. I’m tired of negative comments about teachers here. My children have had wonderful teachers at Adams, Marshall and Craig. Teachers who go above and beyond what they need to do.

On teachers union: It’s no wonder you are losing many teachers in your union. Why would somebody want to belong to a union that condones somebody surfing the Internet for porn while he’s supposed to be working at a (Middleton) school? What parent would want this man as a teacher for their student? I can’t believe the union is backing this guy.

On propane prices: Once again the greedy are at it, tripling the price of propane. They should be the ones locked up instead of the pot smokers.

On newspaper delivery: The paper was late again the other day, and I called the paper to see why and it said due to inclement weather. I think in some parts of the country, that would be called winter.

On help during cold: After reading the papers about places for warming shelters, daytime only, I wonder what these people are supposed to do at night when it really gets cold.

On high school sports: When will the WIAA restrict parents from coaching their children? They say they are impartial, but they just aren’t.

On drunken drivers: If a driver with a 0.08 blood alcohol content is stopped at a red light and rear-ended by a texting driver, the stopped driver will pay a much higher fine and the accident is listed as alcohol related. How is that fair, just or sensible?

On Milton: To Sunday’s Sound Off caller who said the proposed interchange outside of Milton would be a good thing, just look at the east side with the bypass and how it has removed traffic from downtown. Now they’re trying to figure out how to get people back into downtown. An interchange would only take traffic away from the city.

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