Your Views: Perhaps electing Ryan could save us from China

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

China’s modern history is heinous, appalling. Mao Tse Tung was a communist tyrant and mass murderer akin to Joseph Stalin, each responsible for killing tens of millions and enslaving hundreds of millions more. Mao caused more civilian deaths than Hitler and Stalin together. Today China is allegedly more benign.

China’s policy of expanding trade sounds benign until well-known facts are recalled. China’s policy (even the “one child” version) includes massive population increase. Although China has 20 percent of the world’s population already, it has only 10 percent of the land usable for farming. If China’s goal of attaining consumption on par with America were realized even with its current population, another planet would be required to obtain the requisite farming and production of goods.

Of course, only planet Earth is available. China’s policies are in some cases overt and in some covert. They will either swamp America with cheap goods, destroying America’s economy, or economically weaken America to the point where the Chinese simply march in with ease. (See “Unrestricted Warfare” by People’s Liberation Army Cols. Oiao Ling and Wang Xiangsui.)

Obama’s weakness in dealing with China by itself would make it better were he not to have been elected. In any case, it’s vital to America’s interests, to its very survival, that a firm and decisive leader come from the next election, one who sees China for what it is: a threat to America and the free world. Paul Ryan may be able to save America.



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