Sound Off for Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

On Watson proposal: I want to extend a big vote of gratitude to the editorial staff of The Gazette for urging caution (Page 4A, Friday), regarding Bill Watson’s plan for annexation and land development. Watson’s track record in Florida land development needs to be looked into by a reporter. Let all the facts be on the table before proceeding.

-- There should be like a $10 million bond in case it doesn’t turn out so he doesn’t just get in his plane and fly back to California. He would like to tout himself as a country boy, but we know better.

-- The city of Milton wants to annex an additional 1,200 acres? Look at the roads today. We can’t even plow our own snow. How are we going to take care of more roads?

-- How interesting it could be if The Gazette did a timeline of previous stories about Watson’s activity in Rock County, including how in past articles he indicates gravel mining can be lucrative. Now he downplays any profits from gravel mining.

-- How come city of Milton residents are the last in line to get a public open meeting on the Watson plan when the mayor says he’s been in discussions about this for several months?

-- How can the landowner build an interchange on property he doesn’t own? There are three property owners adjacent to that intersection of County M and Interstate 90.

On good Samaritans: I would like to thank the two Van Galder school bus drivers who stopped their buses and got out and helped push our car when we were stuck last Wednesday afternoon. My wife and I really appreciate what they did.

-- Last Wednesday, I walked into the Penney’s store looking for Radio Shack. I walk with a cane, and it was so far. I asked a gentleman if they had wheelchairs, and Don P., head of security, came. I thought maybe he would just walk me back to Penney’s, but he said, “No, I’m going to walk you to your car.” He pushed me in the wheelchair to my car and helped me in.

On prostitution coverage: I agree with Roy C. Anderson’s letter Thursday on The Gazette going too far in coverage. I suggest a follow-up article with how to get people help with these serious problems. Please share local agencies, law enforcement contacts, churches and others that offer help.

On governor: Walker should stay here in Wisconsin rather than jaunting around the country campaigning for re-election. Maybe he could spend more time on creating jobs and all the other important things that have to be done. By the way, who is paying for all his trips?

On union contracts: Now that the city has resolved the transit contract with an 8 percent raise over the next three years, it’s time for the do-nothing school board to do something for teachers. A small 2 percent raise per year should be done. It’s about time they did something positive for the community rather than hiring deans and working on China students.

On Editor’s Views: I wish Scott Angus would write something of substance on a Sunday. There is always an article that looks like he’s trying to defend The Gazette. I’m really getting tired of it.

On city liquor rules: We need to worry about the businesses here. The rumor is that a big-box store wants to come and doesn’t want separate entrances. Wal-Mart worked with the city. Kwik Trip rebuilt and worked with the city. Woodman’s works with the city. Things are fine the way they are. You start putting liquor in gas stations, and clerks won’t care.

On Janesville education: While attending Rock the School House on Jan. 18, I was envious of opportunities students have today. I spoke with students in the international studies program, Washington Seminar and budding engineers in the robot build. Expanding that segment before the show would be a valuable way to give the public a look at education.

On Janesville Mall: I’m hoping that CBO will realize it’s time to update and brighten up this mall. It has to be the darkest and dreariest mall I’ve ever shopped in, and I very rarely ever go there because it’s not very inviting.

 On GM plant: This Janesville plant could be a booming plant if all the crew cab vehicles were being produced here instead of Mexico. GM has to try a little harder.

On city council: Regarding Sunday’s Our Views, I don’t care if my representatives live on the south, west, east or inner city, are affluent, business leaders or better educated. What we need are people who use good old common sense, something that has been and is lacking with current east-side residing representatives.


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