Your Views: Minnesota's governor much different from ours

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Recently my wife and I started traveling in Minnesota. I decided to look at the political climates, Wisconsin versus Minnesota. In Wisconsin, the governor has deliberately polarized us and created a climate of distrust, greed and lack of concern for middle class and poor people. Our governor and legislators preach the tea party gospel, which means they pander to the very wealthy and demonize nurses, teachers, minorities, public schools and working-class people.

In Minnesota, the impression is their governor doesn't put priority on the politics of exclusion, intimidation and racism. Minnesota has a lower unemployment rate. Our governor wants to create 250,000 jobs during his term. The Associated Press recently reported only 63,000 jobs have been created. Wisconsin ranks 37th in job creation. Our governor inappropriately blames his recall election and former Gov. Jim Doyle for this slow job growth.

An opinion article in the Madison Capital Times explains our governor has cut funding for women seeking cancer screenings, birth control and health examinations. He and our legislators have repealed equal pay protection for women, and they have ended comprehensive sex education guidelines for our schools. Apparently our governor has little respect for women's rights. He has also exhibited little respect for our environment.

A book written about our governor is called “Unintimidated.” A Capital Times article emphasizes that our governor is intimidated by big money from the Koch brothers. I suppose our governor does feel unintimidated when he demonizes teachers, nurses and working-class people.



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