Your Views: Watson’s development idea raises questions, concerns

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I attended the town of Fulton meeting Jan. 14 and listened to Bill Watson’s proposal. The public was not allowed to speak at the meeting due to the claim that there was no formal proposal in front of the town board, but I have questions that need to be considered before any annexations are considered.

What companies does Mr. Watson have lined up to fill this complex? What types of industries? What effects will they have on the environment? Do the respective boards realize that 1,200 acres of good farmland will be lost forever?

I thought it was desirable to preserve farmland. After all, it will always be necessary to eat the fruits of our farmland. I am sadly concerned that eventually the United States will become a net importer of food instead of the exporter we are now.

Will County M be turned into a four-lane highway? What will happen to surrounding land after said industrial park is built? In short, I am afraid the small town local environment we have enjoyed our whole lives will be destroyed.

I don’t like the fact that one wealthy individual, Mr. Watson, can have this much influence on the political will of those who represent us. That is just not right. Much more time is needed for consideration of this project and if Mr. Watson can’t live with that, then I must oppose this project for this reason and all those concerns listed above.



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