Sound Off for Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

On Watson plans: This is with regard to the Milton-Fulton industrial park. I hope that the towns of Milton and Fulton and the city of Milton can work together with Mr. Watson on this industrial park. Every newspaper throughout the state reminds us how bad the unemployment is. We really need the jobs.

-- Thanks to the towns of Milton and Fulton for having public meetings regarding the Interstate interchange proposal. It is unfortunate that the city of Milton has yet to hold a public meeting regarding the issue even though it has been discussed.

On John Doe: It appears Milwaukee County District Attorney Chisholm is using the same playbook that the IRS and/or White House used to investigate the tea party and conservative groups regarding campaign contributions. He is investigating only Gov. Walker's donors during the recall election but no Democratic candidates or liberal groups. Bogus.

On contraceptives: This is in response to last Sunday's Sound Off about contraception being expensive. Kids are way more expensive than contraception, and a lot of places offer free family planning, so I don't want to hear any excuses about contraception being expensive.

On Obamacare: What was the difference between Target customers and those who signed up for Obamacare? Target was held accountable.

-- In Wisconsin, three out of four people who have signed up have signed up for Medicaid, free insurance paid for by us. Only one in four have actually signed up to pay something, and of the one in four that are actually signed up to pay for something, most of them are getting subsidies so they're only paying part of what it actually should cost.

On Christmas: If these Freedom from Religion people want to get rid of nativity scenes and take religion out of that time of the year, then they're going to have to ban Christmas itself because Christmas is really Christ…mas. I don't know what they are thinking.

On bus drivers: Councilman Matt Kealy, at Monday's council meeting, quit your whining. It worked the way it worked, and that's the way it is.

On marijuana: I was watching TV and see all these people lined up at these shops out in Colorado waiting to buy pot so they could feel good about themselves for $400 an ounce. I think a lot of them, from looking at them, if they just bought a bar of soap and put on a new shirt, they might start feeling better about themselves.

On sports writers: This is in regard to stories about the Parker-Craig basketball games. The way Eric Schmoldt reported about Al Hughes, you'd think she was the only girl on the court. Then for John Barry to say the Parker boys looked like they were having a pickup game at Bond Park, that is tasteless. Review your articles before you put them in the paper.

On GM: New auto CEO Mary Barra starts day one announcing a dividend. Excuse me, the bailout by taxpayers was $100 billion. If GM is on the rebound, can Mary at least restart the shuttered GM facility or raze it and clean the contamination for a fresh development start for Janesville? Show us what you've got, Mary. Contact Rep. Ryan ASAP with your intentions.

On Benghazi: The AP article on Page 7B Thursday attempts to cloud the situation rather than clear it up. Hillary Clinton was told repeatedly by the intelligence department that her people were in danger yet took their security away. Ambassador Stevens was offered security through different channels but turned that down so as not to be at odds with his boss.

-- How many times have the media told us Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are two of the smartest people in the country, yet neither of these mental giants was able to consider there might be a higher risk of a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 911? How many times has Clinton claimed incompetence in order to explain what otherwise would be illegal or duplicitous behavior?

On Delavan-Darien: The school board and administrative leadership turned over in 2012. How's it going? Sweeping costly curriculum changes begun after the school year started, students still open enrolling in high numbers, teachers having to sub during prep time. Now they want $2 million more from already overtaxed residents, many of whom are unemployed.

On voucher school: I'm calling about the Milwaukee voucher school that took $2.3 million in taxpayer money in Milwaukee. I never thought that voucher school thing was right. They should put the money toward the public schools. That was one of Gov. Walker's bad decisions.

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