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Friday, January 17, 2014



On city settles with Teamsters: Someone has to explain to Councilman Kealy why they are called negotiations. We're talking Teamsters here.


-- It is not negotiations when you drag your feet and force the talks into mediation.


On Milton teacher wins big: What a great honor. Way to go, Cathy Fernan!

-- Proud Grandpa

On humane society to hire vet: Seems like a great idea and a great improvement. I hope it works out.

-- Solo_Voce

On use of road salt: There are some native plants, called halophytes, which can tolerate salt to some level. These native plants include our beautiful and hardy cordgrass.

-- Thomas Murn

-- I don't think they use sand much. Why not? When salt won't work because of temps, then why not sand? Seems pretty easy to me. In the paper version you show a picture of them using both together. In this article it states using both doesn't work well. So why don't you use one or the other depending on the temp?

-- ms pacman

-- Our society is too accustomed to being pampered and getting what we want as soon as we want it, regardless of the repercussions down the road, literally. We need to get a different mindset in this country and stop sacrificing the environment for our perceived “rights.” Seriously, will the world grind to a halt if we all don't make it to work, school, shopping or whatever, or even just arrive a little late on a bad winter day?

-- Solo_Voce

On solutions to building bigger highways: Sounds like (Bruce) Speight wants to put the kibosh on the Interstate 90 expansion. Or maybe the Highway 26 project. Or, more likely, all highway spending. He fails to make a case. … His numbers about young people's driving habits are more reflective of city driving vs. highway driving. Wisconsin highways are used for a lot of things he ignores. Interstate trucking will definitely pick up with the economy.

-- Northman

-- “For many, including the Gazette Editorial Board, the solution is to find more money (more or higher taxes or both) to build bigger highways.” What are you nuts? When are people going to wake up to the fact that we just cannot take any more taxes? Why don't you go see Ryan and ask him why we continue to give foreign aid to China, Saudi Arabia and many others.

-- hdonlybob

-- How many representatives on the left vote for continued foreign aid to numerous countries? Shouldn't we all go see them, as well, or is it all just Ryan's fault? Agree with Northman that Speight is living in a fantasy world, and did you notice he didn't say what the better way to go was?

-- RetArmy


To Greg Peck: Well you are a hero, Greg. It would be hard for some people to get rid of 2 inches of ice. You had the proper gear on, and I suggest anybody who is going to walk get the proper gear on, as well. JPAC was icy, and they cannot get buckets of salt out there. So I had the right gear on to walk on ice. Pretty simple. It is winter, you know. Pretty sure not all city walks are bare either!

-- ms pacman

-- Some people in Janesville pick rental properties in part on the basis that the landlord handles all the plowing/shoveling. It would be interesting to know what percentage of the icy sidewalks you encountered are on rental properties. As our population ages, the percentage of able shovelers is decreasing.

-- Kevin Goebel

-- I know this article is about the ice on sidewalks, but I have a related concern. Madison gives residents 24 hours to clear their sidewalks after a snowfall. I wrongly assumed it was the same in Janesville. I recently read that Janesville only gives 12 hours to clear sidewalks. … I realize some people are just lazy, so ticket them, but 24 hours is a more reasonable time frame.

-- sleeponit

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