Sound Off for Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On good Samaritans: I want to thank people who pitched in to help stranded motorists by St. Mary’s School on Prospect Avenue when the ice hit. Strangers got together to help strangers in a time of need to make sure everybody was OK. That’s what Janesville is all about, looking out for one another. I live on Prospect, and I’m proud of it.

-- The Friday before Christmas I went to buy groceries, and the ground was a skating rink. I am old and have trouble walking. I could hardly move on that ice. A young man asked: “Do you need any help?” He put his groceries in his car and held my arm with his strong arm. I felt safe and so thankful when he led me to my car. Thank you, dear stranger.

On Gov. Christie: I can’t believe the big deal the press is making out of the lane closures in New Jersey, but then I shouldn’t be surprised. Chris Christie is a potential Republican candidate for the presidency in 2016. I’m so tired of the double standard. Where was the press with all the Obama scandals that were much more horrendous?

-- Christie should take a lie detector in order to clear his name, and if he’s guilty, step down. I don’t believe he did not know.

On police pay: According to your story on the transit contract, a bus driver starts out making $20.43 an hour. A police officer starts out making $18.97 per hour. Where are our priorities? Shame on Janesville. Unacceptable.

On Janesville schools: Your editorial Jan. 7 says 40 percent or more of high school students feel teachers do not care or offer encouragement. Superintendent Schulte can hire new deans, but the problem won’t be solved until teachers have the support and time to connect with students and not feel afraid themselves, as reported by a school board candidate.

On annexation proposal: Brett Frazier’s photo is in Friday’s article about the annexation west of Milton, 1,200 acres, and about the humane society hiring a vet. He’s mayor of Milton and director of the humane society. When wearing his mayor hat, I hope he considers how wildlife could suffer if their habitat is destroyed to make way for an industrial park.

-- Watson stated that if the “political will” isn’t there, they won’t proceed. So the Milton and Fulton town boards just have to vote “no,” and it’s a done deal. We can keep our town a farm town, and they can tell the Milton mayor and administrator to take care of their own backyard.

-- All you Kennedy Road, northwest Rotamer Road, Lilly Lane residents better be paying attention to this Watson deal. Your house values will go down.

On Parkview schools: With all the difficulties they’re having, they’re unable to keep their classrooms heated or cooled in the summer/spring. The heat thing is a big issue. My daughter goes to school and has to wear a coat in one classroom. I’m wondering why that’s an issue.

On newspaper carrier: I have one of the best. I am a widow with some disabling conditions and am an early riser. So when I met this carrier and he had been putting the paper on the table on my front porch, I told him how grateful I was because it’s hard for me to get the paper if it’s not there. He has done that ever since, even when the weather is bad.

On bird feeding: The person in Sunday’s Sound Off who’s finding dead birds around the feeder every morning perhaps should check the bird seed because this isn’t happening at our house. We’re feeding them, and they’re doing fine.

-- People with birds dying are most likely using insecticide-treated seed. They need to stop doing that immediately. Treated seed is for planting only.

On sports: I would like to thank The Gazette for publishing excellent sport opinion pieces from other newspapers such as the Milwaukee Journal. Columns such as Bob McGinn’s and others analyzing the Packers and other teams have simply been excellent.

-- In Sunday’s sport section, Bob McGinn says the Packers defense is getting left behind. I could not agree more. Why can’t the Packers go out and get an assistant coach from Seattle or San Francisco to come in and run a modern defense? Dom Capers’ 1996 defense is a total failure in today’s modern NFL.

On streets: City council members, take a drive on East Milwaukee, Pontiac, Milton Avenue or Randall, just to name a few. Then turn your attention from sidewalks, where few if any walk, and little-used bike trails and apply our tax dollars where really needed.

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