Sound Off for Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

On school closings: Last week Friday, Milton, Milwaukee, Madison, Edgerton and Beloit all canceled school for Monday while Karen Schulte waited until later Sunday to cancel in Janesville. What was the reason for that delay? A lot of parents and grandparents were confused.

On Janesville water utility: A water main broke on North Parker Drive about 8 a.m. New Year’s Day. I called the hotline about 8:10 a.m., and about 8:20 a supervisor called and said the water would be turned back on for about 25 minutes and then be off for 3 to 4 hours. The break was fixed about 1 p.m. Thank you for a job well done on a very cold morning.

On student safety: On Page 1A Jan. 5, Yolanda Cargile says, “Part of the solution is to get staff members to realize the issue exists and to react.” That could have reflected a teacher viewpoint. Chronic discipline behaviors need consistent and firm administrative intervention. Students must realize there are consequences for their behaviors.

On deans of students: Regarding Page 1A Jan. 6, just wondering if Superintendent Schulte wants to free up time for principals at the high schools to do what they were hired to do or if she has another trip to China planned for them. It’s time our school board use common sense and rein in Schulte and her administration.

On Obamacare: The story on Page 7A Jan. 6 calls Sen. Johnson’s suit a “political stunt.” Since Congressman Sensenbrenner isn’t doing the job, Johnson is on the right track for litigating who pays for insurance for congressional employees. Everyone is in the same boat, no favorites. Otherwise, get rid of the law for everyone.

-- This is in answer to Wednesday’s Sound Off. Some people plainly can’t pay for contraception; it is very expensive. I remember when my husband and I were having a very difficult time paying for contraception. So in your rush to blame Obama and Democrats for everything but the snow, be sure you know what you’re talking about.

On 49ers story: Regarding last Sunday’s Sound Off, I thought the article with the San Francisco 49ers was priceless. It was a nice story, and they were Packer fans deep in their hearts, being from Edgerton.

-- I’m a diehard Packer fan and not “appalled” by The Gazette sharing a local boy’s support by his family.

On student picture: I just love “A walk with daddy” by Emma Woychik on Page 5A Jan. 7. It brought tears to my eyes and made me think of my father and how much I miss him and especially because Emma lost her dad at age 9. Thank you for sharing your picture with us, Emma. I do enjoy these pictures by students in the paper.

On paper carriers: When I think about them getting up at 3 or 4 a.m. out in subzero weather, snowstorms, rainstorms or whatever I’m more than surprised to see my paper wrapped in plastic whenever it gets there, and it is usually there early in the morning. Let’s cut these people a break. Or better yet, you sign up and try it.

-- If you think you can do it any better or any faster, go do it yourself.

On postal carriers: Let’s hear cheers for our postal workers who, through ice and snow and bone-chilling temperatures, have lived up to the high standard of their motto.

On feeding birds: I noticed the cold weather has taken a toll on birds. Every morning, I find dead birds lying around, and I make sure my feeders are full of birdseed every day.

On Sound Off: After reading the column Wednesday, it’s pretty obvious that you should make that a permanent change to keep it in the B section near the comics page. I love ending my reading with humor, and the Sound Off column was hilarious.

On state finances: Tuesday’s Page 2A reported a surplus of over $35 million in economic- related funds. The last I heard, Wisconsin’s deficit was over $3 billion, yet using this money to reduce the debt was the third idea listed. It should have been the only one. Why is taking care of the state’s bills always so far down the list?

On columnists: A reader who commented on the Leonard Pitts column about the First Amendment may have read it but evidently failed to comprehend it. That column was hilarious and brilliant. Pitts is a gem.

On education: A Sound Off caller Wednesday laments that America no longer leads the world in education and science. America will never lead in education as long as the teachers union controls the curriculum. The union is a political animal, so political profitizing is their main objective. Schools need zero tolerance for political indoctrination.

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