Your Views: Wisconsin teachers should consider organization choices

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

As many local educators are aware, Wisconsin’s largest teachers’ union, WEAC, and the American Federation of Teachers are considering a merger. This merger is due to both unions’ declining membership.

Thanks to Act 10, teachers in Wisconsin have a choice whether or not to accept or reject forced unionism. Based on declining numbers, it would seem that more teachers are appreciating the choice to opt out of unions.

The Association of American Educators (AAE) here in Wisconsin is leading the way by providing teachers with a choice for their professional organization. AAE is a non-union professional association that focuses on elevating the profession of teaching and improving public education for every student. Now that teachers are free to choose their association, AAE is growing by leaps and bounds in the state.

The good news is that AAE provides this peace of mind to teachers to the tune of $2 million in personal educator liability insurance, as well as coverage of legal fees for a host of situations that a teacher might encounter. That’s twice the coverage of WEAC. What’s more is that AAE does not engage in partisan politics. This leads to reasonable dues; just $15 a month. I paid close to $150 a month as a member of WEAC.

We are at a crossroads in Wisconsin, and it’s imperative that teachers understand their options. Teachers, while considering your options, be sure to thoroughly examine Wisconsin’s premier professional alternative, AAE.



EDITOR'S NOTE: Rosno is a full-time public school teacher and works part time for the AAE.

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