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Friday, January 3, 2014


On city gears up for riverfront vision: Am I the only one who might question the propriety of spending $200,000 of our money (EPA grant still comes from us taxpayers) to gauge how people “feel” about the waterfront?

-- Thomas Murn

-- Yes, plenty of taxpayers’ money spent for downtown while potholes don’t even get fixed elsewhere.

-- buyusa

-- Here we go again. The Janesville Rinse and Spin. Step 1: Hire consultant. Step 2: Review consultant conclusions. Step 3: After concluding that the consultant’s idea is unworkable, unpopular, or just plain stupid, do nothing further for several years. Step 4: Rinse and Repeat.

-- Nick Danger

-- I think the overall plan is a good one. Why do we need to hire a guy for $200,000 to say  yea or nay? Maybe you should ask the people who live here!

-- ms pacman

-- Downtown needs revitalization to encourage businesses to join our community to provide jobs. … We need downtown to be a destination place to entice out-of-town visitors. If the downtown succumbs to the neglect that has befallen other cities, then the whole community suffers. … Take pride and help restore our city instead of finding excuses to do nothing except complain. Visit the stores downtown.

--  RetArmy

On teaching cursive writing: About time, now teach them to hold a pencil correctly; it will be much more comfortable. Most teachers will have to relearn themselves.

-- Oldtimer

-- Seriously?

-- garyprimer

-- Few things are as impressive than a person with good penmanship and spelling. It seems to become more valuable the older you become. You are correct (editorial, Tuesday) that schools and parents continue to emphasize good writing skills. Start with thank-you notes.


On editorial regarding possible tax reform: Help the rich while sticking it to the middle class and lower-income people. Didn’t he (Gov. Walker) already take the sales tax off of airplane repair parts and service? Yeah, the millionaires need help paying for plane parts, but stick it to the little guy.

-- buyusa


To John Eyster: Why is it that those on the Left always write about how the Republican actions benefit the rich? Far as I know, Democratic actions have benefited the rich as well, except they just don’t want anybody to know that. Also have noticed that if the Republicans come up with a plan first it is automatically wrong, but if the Democrats were to come up with the same type plan, well it is nothing less than perfect.

-- RetArmy

-- It is hard to take someone serious when every blog they write ends up being a rant against Gov. Walker (or as you refer to, Scotty). … I do not agree with Gov. Walker reinstating (in 2012) the program Doyle had of awarding bonuses/pay increases to state employees at year’s end. The bonuses, in some cases, are extravagant.

-- wislady

-- I would agree with your five resolutions, as well as the inadvisability of getting rid of the Wisconsin sales tax (though I’m able to see this without the Evil Empire overtones that cloud your own vision). That bizarre congruence was causing me to doubt my own judgment, but then you whiffed on pretty much everything else, so I feel all is right with the universe again.

-- Northman

-- John, your parents must have brought you up to be very narrow-minded. Too bad. I was always told to vote for the person I thought would do the best job.

-- Oldtimer

To Janice Peterson: You left out this fun fact, Janice. I believe mistletoe is also toxic to animals other than humans, so to be safe, it would be wise not to use it as a decoration if you have a dog or cat in the house. And if you live in an area where it grows on trees, remove it from any pasture area where horses are kept, as it is toxic to them, as well.

-- Solo_Voce

-- Good points, Solo_Voce. To be safe, I’d keep them out of reach of pets. It’s interesting to note many mistletoes grow at the tops of trees and there’s no reason to remove them, but if it grows within reach of livestock it might be a good idea to prune it out.


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