Your Views: Ryan, Republicans offer wrong or no solutions

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Friday, January 3, 2014

I loved Tom Breu’s column Dec. 28. I agree that Rep. Ryan follows atheist Ayn Rand’s gospel of selfishness. Actions speak louder than words.

Ryan’s proposed “budget reform” would:

1) Maintain tax cuts for the top 1 percent, who pocketed 22 percent of fiscal year 2012 income.

2) Cut unemployment insurance and food stamps for the poor.

3) Take away Medicare as we know it.

4) Shut down Head Start.

5) Fire teachers.

If for-profit is better, why did the Affordable Care Act website contractors do a lousy job? How did the money contracted to rebuild Iraq so mysteriously evaporate?

Obama understands economics: Create buyers by infusing capital to fix a decaying infrastructure. Ryan plays deficit hawk but approved Bush’s cut in revenues while starting an unfunded war. Obama cut the deficit in half since 2009, the fastest deficit reduction since the end of World War II.

Though many knock ACA, it’s a brilliant first step in protecting American businesses and getting Americans the health care they deserve.

1) Family policies now cover dependents up to age 26.

2) Pre-existing condition exclusions are unlawful.

3) Small employers get larger group rates.

4) Junk policies are being eliminated.

Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente are highly respected. Why? They have no shareholders. Profits are used to improve patient care. What’s the Republican alternative? Keep the wasteful system we have.

We need someone who represents us, not the Koch brothers and wealthy donors. It’s time for change.



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