Sound Off for Sunday, Dec. 29, 2013

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

On good Samaritan: I want to thank a kind and considerate man in a green truck with the spreader on the back who stopped and lifted up my 83-year-old friend getting my mail. He fell on the ice Friday and had nine staples in his head. Thank you, sir. God bless you.

On Rep. Ryan: OK, let’s get this straight. Paul Ryan voted for two very expensive, needless wars; now he voted to cut pensions for some armed services members. Merry Christmas.

On snowplowing: Regarding Tuesday’s Sound Offs, give these guys a break. They have over 400 miles of streets. So it’s a Sunday and you didn’t get your street plowed for 12 hours; mine wasn’t plowed out until the evening. There are only so many people to do it and only so many trucks. Be patient and please have the Christmas spirit. These guys do a great job.

On paper carriers: It seems like he’s later every day, and I don’t understand why people are crying that they need jobs, but it’s like we have to force them to do their job. I called The Gazette, and there was nothing wrong with the building or the plant, just the person doing the job. People should do their job and do it right the first time.

On Christmas message: Thank you very much for the beautiful article in Our Views on Tuesday, “Spread Christ’s message of peace.” The true meaning of Christmas was really told in your paper, and I thank you for it.

On older drivers: This is in response to Sound Off comments. The worst drivers on the road are young girls; it’s not even close. Second would be young boys who pay a much higher insurance rate than the girls. Old people would come in third. So if you’re going to start beating up old people for driving poorly, why don’t you deal with young people first?

On postal carriers: I remember when your mail carrier would say hello and even know when your spouse died and offer condolences. Now, just like everyone else, they are always on those phones. They look like deer in the headlights when I say “thank you” or “hello” and without a word back to me they’re on their way with their conversation.

On Obamacare: People inside the Obama administration knew full well that the website was not secure when they rolled it out. Then they urged people to go there and insert their personal information. Target is facing a class-action lawsuit for accidentally letting this happen, but there will be no consequences to the government for knowingly doing this.

-- If President Obama and Kathleen Sebelius had to use their own money to pay for all the problems they caused concerning Obamacare, the results might be different.

On Chinese: Regarding China’s recent trip to the moon, I suppose Janesville Superintendent Karen Schulte is planning a field trip with her principals to go on the next moon ship with the Chinese.

On Social Security: Next year, my check will increase 80 cents a month. I wonder how much of a raise Congress got?

On politics: The stock market is doing great, and unemployment is down thanks to the policies of the Democratic Party. Thanks to Obama and all of our Democratic congressmen. Too bad Republicans didn’t cooperate; things could have even been a lot better.

-- Wednesday’s cartoon (Dec. 18), very funny. Remember when Democrats ran an ad of Paul Ryan pushing an old woman over a cliff in a wheelchair? Republicans should have responded with an ad showing Obama driving a bus full of children over a cliff and jumping out with a golden parachute because that is what his spending is doing to their future.

-- Because of semantic games, people have trouble understanding politicians. Here’s a couple of tips: When they say “revenue,” it means they’re going to take more of your tax money. When they say “investment,” it means they’ll spend more of your tax money. When you hear “cuts,” it means the increase in spending will be less than they want.

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